Final Step: Expanding Vocabulary

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So this is pretty basic for those who just want to shake things up a bit; you see your work and you're like what can I make better, it's looked really good but what can push it further?

Research simple words like love, hate or happy for then for it to show you what other words you can use, so for example;

I think I love him --- I know I desire him

The difference is that it changes it to make it reach out to the reader, seeing the word desire makes the reader feel just how much the other person wants the old, anyone can say you love someone else but it's better to say you lust them, desire them. It makes it heated bringing the reader to grasp their attention to the book.

It's only optional as if the story is good then many people will adore your works but to have just a small bit of expansion in the works vocabulary it will make readers feel a lot more. But really it's all about dragging out paragraphs and replacing shorter words into massive ones, that way it's has a better impact.

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