Step Nine: How To Focus

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It's easy to go of topic just like if you were to go into a room to only forget what your originally were going to do so you just do something completely different, then a few moments later you realise what you're originally going to do.

So to avoid that whole thing all you do to keep your focus is just focus...I'm just joking; no to be focused you have to make sure there's nothing else you need to do, so clean your room or do your chores then once you have a clean list where you have FREE TIME  and then you can have all your attention on your books.

It's easier said than done but trust me that will be your one thing that won't distract you, it helps me anyways that knowing I have completed or don't have anything else to do, writing my book won't be much of a problem.

And another thing is don't drag your books out for too long, if your books is running short you can always make a bigger plot to continue it. I know that being bored of your own book for how long it drags out for it can distract you and makes you focus on other things that get your attention the most, so remember complete what distracts you the most so you can make free time for your books.

In the end your mainly focusing on what your doing rather than what you need to do, so do all the odds and ends first like shopping or other things then that means you can properly get your focus.

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