Step Eight: Have A Drink

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Drinks will help...not alcohol if your under eighteen, just putting it out there as I don't want to encourage that.

But anyways so what I mean is that when you write it's always nice to have some form of beverage, it's brings you an almost satisfying feeling where you've written and your brain is working on one hundred percent, just a nice taste of a cold or hot drink will make writing even more enjoyable. It's the same with reading but that's a different topic.

So this isn't rocket science you just gotta have a drink you like whilst writing your book, so I love having a good cuppa whilst writing books as it's my break really, wait for it to cool and a drink it which is roughly fifteen minutes, but after that i feel content so I carry on with my book.

I'm eighteen but I know most adults like wine as they read or write, I'm not a wine person but that's what people mostly like. As for under eighteens you don't need alcohol to have fun writing or reading, uh hello soda, tea, coffee but my all time favourite is hot chocolate.

I would say drinks aren't important, it's pretty much my ritual everyday lol but either way it's an optional thing but it does make it a lot more fun with a drink with you.

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