Step Two: Noting Ideas

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Having an idea is one thing but forgetting it the next day is another (yep don't laugh that happened once XD but lucky I remembered) so first of all have a note book with you and a pen or pencil (which ever one floats your boat) at ALL TIMES! Because if you're at work or school and you thought of a best idea it will stray from your head when you get home, and sometimes you can remember it but what's the harm in noting it as for one you won't have to make an effort to remember (that's when my laziness kicks in) which helps a lot.

So what I do is I label my book ideas in bullet points like this:


Like that and as I am extra with everything on the front page I do a key chart so I can put small symbols in the corner to say weather I'm still working on it, I'm going to do it, or completed. It helps organise everything but to be honest noting down is just simpler. I am perfectionist, which just judging by this your thinking well I had a hint...o_o just a little one.

There's not much to noting down that is overly complicated really; but for one thing make sure you can read your own handwriting as I write like one year old as my brain works faster than my hands...well my excuse I like anyways but as long as you can read it you're all set to go and start making your creation.

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