Step One: Gaining Inspiration

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First of all it is difficult to find something to write about as someone might already have done it, or to you seems a bit to cliche.

What can help you make bigger better stories or more of a grasping book you can do the following; go on walks, stroll the nearest lake, maybe watch a film, search up images.

This can give you a burst of inspiration as you might looks at a certain tree for example and it has all these autumn orange colours allowing you think "maybe I can do a romantic book, yeah and the autumn leaves fall as two people meet eyes with one another" then when you have that in mind you can inspire more to add onto that completing a full novel or short story.

If theses don't work then maybe have a look at other writers books, see what they do and how they represent each character as that can help you get a feeling of what your book could be like, for example you read an action book and they make one character brave and courageous, you can suddenly just think "maybe I can do something like him, where they can fight the biggest bad guys or maybe steal someone's heart" stuff like that.

But what isn't okay is copying!!! Just putting that out there as that probably just sounded a bit wrong :3 but anyways inspiration will come to you one way or another, like for my book PLANET DEATH i thought okay what do people fear the most...the unknown, not being able to see anything when the night arrives, its small things like that which will create something HUGE.

Maybe you can be inspired by an even in history like a Great War or civil war, or perhaps you can be inspired by a simple colour, now that does sound stupid but hear me out on this one. You look at a necklace for example and see the shimmering gold colours shine on it, that can just give you the feeling or hit that maybe you can do a book based on a bright golden beach, or a science fiction race can have golden skin, small things make a big story.

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