Security: I swear I didn't see anything!! All I heard was the glass shattering so I went around the building to see who it was! And when I got to the window, all I saw was it being broken. There was no one around!

Shravan: (furious) Don't you dare say no one was here!! I'm not blind!! Someone threw a rock into my room with my wife inside!! I'm not gunna sit around here and believe your words!!

Security: All I can say is that when I was walking back towards the gate, I saw a shadow walk by. Before I could make a move, the shadow was gone.

Pushkar: DAMN IT!! The guy must have run off when the gaurd was looking around the house!! (shaking his head)

Ramnath: We need to find out who is behind all of this! And who had the audacity to harm my family!! (fuming with anger)

Nirmala: Ram please calm down. Too much anger is not good for your health. Please. (patting his shoulder)

Lalaji: Yes guys. I admit that this is serious but getting angry about it, isn't going to solve the problem. The good thing is that Suman Puttar is safe.

Kamini: Yes! That is all that matters. Shravan, why don't you take Suman to the garden while we sort things out here. She might be scared.

Shravan: Yeah. (putting his arms around her) Let's go Sumo.

Shravan and Sumo walk over the the garden while the rest of the family members try to sort things out. They both sit down on the swing together, Sumo resting her head on Shravan's shoulders.

Sumo: (sighing) Shravan I'm so confused. What is all of this? What is going on?

Shravan: (rubbing her back) I don't know Jaan. But I promise, I'm gunna keep you safe.

Shravan and Sumo were sitting in silence when Preeti and Pushkar entered the garden, walking up next to them.

Preeti: Suman Di, you sure you're ok.

Sumo: (weakly smiling) I'm completely fine Preeti. I promise.

Pushkar: Umm Bhaiya, can I talk to you for a minute?

Shravan looks towards Sumo, his heart not allowing him to leave her for even a second.

Preeti: Jiju, I'll stay by Di. Don't worry.

Sumo: I'll be fine Shravan. (giving him a reassuring smile)

Shravan: Ok. (kissing Sumo's forehead)

Shravan and Pushkar leave the garden while Preeti goes and sits next to Sumo on the swing.
Shravan and Pushkar walk to the kitchen.

Shravan: What happened Pushkar? What is it?

Pushkar: Bhaiya, my suspicion was absolutely correct! I'm afraid Sumo's life is under threat.

Shravan: (angry) But who?! Who is doing all of this and WHY?!

Pushkar: I don't know Bhaiya. But before I thought it might have been a coincidence, but now I'm sure!

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