Part 110*

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Sumo: (screaming) AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Shravan: (shouting) SUMO!!

Without wasting another second, Shravan jumps out of his seating, running frantically up the stairs and to his room, all of the family members following closely behind.

Shravan rips the door open and barges in, his eyes searching for his Angel. His eyes fall in the window of his room shattering completely and glass everywhere on the floor. Sumo is standing near the bedside table with an expression of fear plastered to her face.

Shravan immediately runs towards her, engulfing her into a hug despite the family members around him and the glass on the floor.

Shravan: Sumo!! What happened?! Jaan are you alright?! Are you hurt!? Sumo look at me Baby!! (searching her body for injuries)

Sumo: (pushing him away and embarrassed) Shravan get off! Everyone is here!

Shravan: (concerned) Sumo, this is not the time to be shy!! Tell me what happened?! Who did all of this?!

Pushkar: (concerned) Sumo are you alright?!

Shravan: Sumo respond to me!! Damn it! Who did this?!

Sumo: Shravan calm down! I'm completely fine! I was just grabbing your phone out of the charger when I heard the window break and the glass shatter. That's why I screamed. I'm ok.

Pushkar: The window?! Who did this?! (looking around)

Preeti: Pushkar look! (Pointing to the ground) Someone throw a rock at the window!

Shravan: (shocked) What?! Sumo, you promise you're ok?

Sumo: I'm completely fine Shravan! I heard the glass shatter and that's why I screamed. I wasn't near the window anyways.


Pushkar: It's a good thing you weren't standing by the window Sumo. Or else you would have gotten hurt.

Shravan: (holding Sumo tightly) I will never let that happen!

Kamini: Shravan, Suman, guys let's go downstairs while I call Kamal Kaka to clean the glass. I don't want either one of you getting hurt.

Shravan: Come Sumo. (putting an arm around her)

Shravan and Sumo walked down the steps and to the living room, while the whole family followed them. Sumo sat down on the sofa with Shravan right by her side. Pushkar and Ramnath were busy talking with the security guard and looking around the outside of the whole house.

Ramnath: (to the gaurd) What the hell were you doing?! Sleeping while on duty!? I can fire you for this!!!! (furious)

Security: I'm sorry sir but I promise I wasn't sleeping! I was standing by the gate of the house and saw not a single person come into the house or anywhere near it!!

Pushkar: (mad) Stop lying!! Someone was here!! They came by Bhaiya's room and threw a rock at the window!! So don't give me any of the bullish*t!! It's a good thing no one got hurt or I wouldn't be talking this nicely with you!!

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