'Is uncle John my brother?'| Lams

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Oh no, poor Philip, he is so pure...




"Yes, Philip?"

"Is uncle John my brother?"

"...Philip, besides that being self-explanatory... no, why do you ask..?"

"I heard him screaming! At first I thought he was hurt, but he was just screaming 'Daddy' from your room! I think he needed help with something, but he sounded like he really needed you and not me so, yeah!"


"Papa, you got coffee all over your desk..."

"Was it while Papa was home, Pip?"

"Nope! Am I in trouble..?"

"No, Philip, but uncle John is being bad... Uncle John is in a lot of trouble..."

"I wasn't the one who told you, though..."

"Okay, Philip, I'm going to find uncle John, okay?"


"John..." I heard a low voice growl. I squeaked and jumped up from making coffee to turn around and grab the counter from behind. I saw my dear... friend... standing in front of me. "Yes, Alex?" I asked, feeling my cheeks heat up. "You've been f*cking yourself?" Alex asked me. "Alexander Hamilton, you have a child-!" "Answer my question, Peaches." Alex demanded, pushing his hips to mine and putting his arms next to my waist to trap me. "Y-Yes..." I sighed. "That's a bad boy..." Alex scolded me, squeezing my hip as I whimpered. He bit down on my neck and grabbed my wrists so I couldn't pull on his hair. I bit my lip and huffed as he stopped.

Alex let go of me and backed away, checking his phone. "I'll deal with you after work. If I find out that you do it again while I'm gone, it's going to be worse for you, Princess..." He told me. I just nodded and handed him a thermal cup full of coffee. "Have a good day at work, Daddy!" I chirped. "Cute, sweetheart, but I'm serious, you're in trouble, Laurens~" Alex scolded as he left.

I saw Philip walk in as Alexander left. I handed him a cup of orange juice and set him a place at the dining table. "Uncle John?" Philip asked. "Yes, dear?" I hummed, looking at him as I kissed his forehead.

"Are you my brother?"

"...oh no..."

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