In A Perfect World

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The blue and gray hallways of WoodVale High School were wide and flushed with the traffic of teenagers heading towards classrooms and lockers and corners to talk amongst each other about the latest, albeit unnecessary drama that had occurred just one period before.

News never moved faster than between interconnected high school students itching to hear the absolute latest about Megan and her newest liaison with John the gruff baseball player, or about the semi-suicidal photographer from journalism class who made headlines for disappearing for a day, or any other kind of recent action that every teenager latched onto, especially the high dramatic kind.

Luckily for Jeremy, any kind of news that involved him was always on the good side.

He strolled casually and delicately through the halls of the west building, heading towards his AP English 3 class. Along the way, several people greeted him with a warm smile and he was eager to give one back to each of them. Even with the crowded congestion of a high school hallway that always managed to act like a mini freeway, Jeremy felt at ease, not only with himself, but with the task of high school itself.

In elementary school, he had been fun and cute and outgoing, a vital component to survival, but once he entered middle school, things had changed for awhile. His friends had been split because of the way classes were set up between teachers, and he did not know many people for awhile.

He was alone.

And the thing that kept him company was knowing who he truly was. Jeremy would always be grateful that he was gay because it turned out to be his favorite component of his identity.

Even if things were difficult for a while, with no friends and a loneliness that refused to leave him, he knew it would be fixed eventually. It had to.

That situation turned around halfway through seventh grade when he met the right kind of people, the well known crowd. He had known a few of them in elementary school, but had reconnected easily with them and then everything felt normal, like there were no more jagged edges he was trying to fit into.

And then in the most beautiful turn of events, Jeremy had made best friends with the people he knew were going to be in his life forever. There was Jane and Sam, and Derek and Marcus.

Now, not only had he made friends with this large, large group of people, he also had his wonderful group of new best friends who cared about him and who he could always turn to for support.

Things had worked out when he wasn't expecting them to, and Jeremy was grateful that part of a sad, bleak existence of his life was now put in the past.

And now here he was, a seventeen year old junior in high school with great grades, a multitude of amazing friends, a high social status, and of course his singlehandedly spectacular boyfriend.

Jeremy's boyfriend, Daniel, was close to six feet and part of their schools basketball team, with an easygoing smile that could persuade any person to do his bidding. He was also kind and handsome and friendly with a killer sense of humor, all of which made a winning boyfriend.

He couldn't wait to see him. They didn't share any classes this year as juniors, but they had lunch together and during the week it was almost enough.

English was early in the morning—second period—and then afterwards he would have History and Spanish followed by lunch. Then he would get to see him. The rest of the day didn't have too much of an important feeling upon him.

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