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  The children of the Isle were out having the time of their lives. Dianna, Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay were out wreaking havoc as they kicked down doors, stole precious valuables, and burned a few things here and there thanks to Dianna. Together they ensued chaos as much as their 10 year old bodies can handle it. It wasn't until night fall that the Isle had become a chilling quiet, the children of the Isle now home from a tiring day of destruction. All but one.

  Dianna decided to take a lonely stroll through the docks, her red quartz necklace glowed brighter than usual today, after melting a gate with her own bare hands and incinerating children's dollhouses, she needed some time alone for a while to relax. The docks were most busiest in this time of night, fishermen were out casting their nets, maidens cleaning and mopping up the floors of their bars, the ships were lit with lanterns and candle light making her scarlet hair lighter, almost as if it was in flames.

   She sat herself down on the docks, her feet dangling as she swung them back and forth. She opened her palm as she let a ball of flame curl up and down her arm, but the orb of flame flickered away as she heard the sounds of grunts and swords whooshing in the distance. She stood and crept closer to the sounds, only to find a young boy, about her age, swinging a wooden sword hitting a training doll.

  The boy turned towards her, confused, he smiled as he pointed his sword towards her.

  "If you're going to stand there, might as well do something and duel with me." he said.

  "Trust me, you would lose in in less than two seconds." Dianna smiled and crept closer to the boy, the point of his wooden sword now at her neck. The boy smirked as he dropped his sword to the floor.

  "The name's Harry Hook, Son of Captain Hook." He said, Diana simply smiled as she replied.

  "Dianna, Daughter of Hades." Harry smiled as he extended his hand towards her, Dianna took it and they strolled through the docks together.

  They spent the entire night together, telling each other stories of their friends, he would tell her of the time he and his best friend Uma nearly got swept away by the current and almost drowned until Uma's mother, Ursula, saved them with her many tentacles, to this day he still shuddered at the thought of getting a spanking from her tentacles. She would tell him of the one time Carlos and Jay had stuck her in a room full of snakes, She incinerated them all by one brush of an arm. Then, she burned their beds so they would have to sleep on the floor.

  As time went on, it was starting to get late,and as the moon began to glow brighter, Dianna began to grow tired. She turned towards Harry as he stared towards the ships, he smiled as he gazed.

  "What are you thinking about?" Dianna said, Harry turned towards her with a smile.

  "One day I'm gonna be the captain of my own ship, just like my father. I'm gonna cross the seas of Auradon and travel the world." he exclaimed. Dianna turned towards the ships, the fishermen returning from the fishing trip climbed out of their ships with nets full of fish.

  "And what if that doesn't happen?" She said, his smile turned into a frown.

  "Well, if that doesn't happen, promise me that we will always be there for each other. Even if we get separated, we won't forget each other." He replied. She smiled as she turned towards him, she then took off her quartz necklace, and put it on him.

  "This necklace is my favourite, My dad gave it to me before he left for the underworld. It will act as the promise from me to you." He then smiled and took out the scarf that he tied around his arm.

  "This scarf will be my promise to you, My dad gave it to me when I was born, he says he got it from a witch, now we're even." He tied it around her wrist and it acted as a bracelet, he smiled now that their promises now stood official. Dianna now grew even more tired, she let out a yawn.

  "It's getting late, I should get home to my friends, they're probably wondering where I am." She said. Harry smiled as he played with her quartz necklace.

  "I should probably get home too, my dad is gonna yell at me if I go home too late." He replied.

  "Goodnight, scurvy dog." Dianna said as she stood up from the docks and walked away from Harry.

  "See you hothead." Harry said as he walked the opposite direction.

Author's Note

Hello!  I hope you liked this prologue! Chapter 1 will be published soon, I promise, but for now, I hope you liked Dianna and Harry's little backstory :)

- Ryan <3

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