Quatorze - Gouttelettes

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Fourteen - Droplets

Of all the things to write about

You're apparently my favourite

Thinking about you makes me smile

Talking to you makes me think

Words come to mind all at once

Flooding my brain, my psyche

Amidst it all we have our fun

Learning each others' likes and dislikes

They spend a portion of their lives

Engrossed in getting to know "me"

By the time they've reached hat line

They realize what makes me free

Is appearing as if every action that I take 

Is not on my terms, but on theirs

It drains my energy to adhere to fake

conformity with a flair

By the time they discover what you already know

They pack up, leave, and go

Process and cultivate the seeds they took

Years later, back for a look

at everyone's garden at the front of the house...

Me? I have a jungle to the east of the south.

Lady Aria

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