Douze - Icarus

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Twelve - Icarus

Do you really want me to write
To free flow tonight
When I've been trying to hold back the storm

Let you sink into your social norms
If you had a heart for me to warm
Then do come with a forewarn-
-ing to everybody including me
That your dreams are my reality

Where we met, collided, between galaxies
You can't have been from this planet
I think I met an alien
How, did our souls plan it
Did we meet as human chameleons
Blending into each others' world
Its people, engendered
unencumbered swirls
Patterns across the page
Pretending to be puppets on a stage
You run, my lady, you never embraced change
Instead you ran to me as an escape
Hoping that together we'd elope
Fly across the world seeing the globe

Well, the world is your oyster, dear

But I've got galaxies near:

inside me, around me, everything you see
Is but a reflection of particles formed
from our history.
So how do you breathe life into one
who already flies so close to the sun?

Icarus, they would've called me, or so goes the legend.
But instead, they want you, "Queen",
with a kingdom to attend.


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