Neuf - Notre Historire

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Nine - Our History

I'm starting to see how it all comes together
At least on my end, my side of "each other"

Letting go of one meant reaching out for another

Breathing underwater never feeling smothered

I can see you yearning from wherever you are

Feel you wanting, screams silenced from afar

The echoes of our souls

As the story unfolds

The fact that I sit here, daring to write

God knows how many hours into the night

I'm writing "our" story as if there is one

Somehow I feel like an escape you run

to as a representation of an unconscious aspiration

This kingdom is ours for the taking
Open your eyes darling, and see

That you've been blinded by a reality

That, in all honesty

Now has you doubting what you've been 

Doing all this time, the sacrifices you've made

Are the ones that got me here in the first place

Which is the sacrifice, your "title", or the illusion

That you contrast, and see, causing utter confusion

My lady, pick up a pen and write

But I apologize in advance for what you might

Discover, at the drop of a pen

A desire, relentless

Buried beneath the pretence
While I try my best not to incept 

Into your alternate reality

That could've so easily

just - at one point have -

be(en) me.


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