Shiro X Reader (Pt. 1)

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⚠️No Warning!⚠️

"This is useless," you muttered, yanking at the chains one my time. They were keeping you attached to the wall in your cell. Now you weren't always chained to the wall. There was a time when you were allowed to pace freely and ponder on why the universe sent you to space, only to get captured by aliens.

Just. Perfect.

The only reason you were stuck to the wall is because of your failed jail break. You were five feet away from that escape pod. Five feet. Then Haggar came and zapped you with her magic or... whatever. The last thing you remember before nodding off was Haggar's voice, saying, 'don't worry, we have special plans for you'.

Not exactly he most comforting thing to hear from a lady who looks well too high.

You were here because of the first Kerberos mission. Your team crashed and they sent a rescue team, but covered it up as the team was going for ice samples. While your team was waiting you were abducted by the Galra Empire. Your crew mates were executed, but they kept you for an unknown reason.

You heard from other prisoners about gladiator fights, but you'd never been in one. You had never even gone close to one.

You sighed angrily, pulling on the chains. "Help!" You screamed, trying harder to rip the chains off. No one responded.

The last you heard from your family was when your dad and Matt were heading to Kerberos to rescue you. You heard they were abducted too, but hadn't seen either of them. The Holt's weren't exactly the luckiest when it came to space travel apparently.

"Hello?" A hushed voice called. "Is there anyone down here?"

"HELLO!?" You yelled, feeling excited. Maybe this was your chance! You heard a thud against the door.

"Pidge, can you open it up?" The voice said again.

"Sure thing." A younger voice replied. It was so familiar it made your brain hurt, but you couldn't remember who it belonged to. The door slid open and two boys walked in. A tall man in black and white armor, and a young boy with green, white, and black armor. You couldn't see much else, it was dark, but it didn't matter who they were. You knew this could finally be your escape. "Don't be afraid. We're here to help. We're Paladins of Voltron."

You'd heard of Voltron. Just the name, but you assumed it was good due to the foul way the guards spoke of it. "Can you help me get these chains off?" You held up your wrists and the man stepped forward, you noticed his arm started to flow and realized it was Galra tech. You shrieked away and he held his hands out.

"I'm going to cut you out. Okay?" You nodded and he sliced part of the chains off. You still had the manacles and chains on your wrist, but you looked at them and grinned a bit. You could use that. "Thanks, don't worry about the rest. What are you doing here? Who are you?"

"We can explain more. C'mon." The man grabbed your forearm and you all sprinted down the halls. The man quickly pulled you behind a pillar, you peaked out to see a lone drone marching.

"I've got this." You whispered. You charged your prosthetic leg, like the mans arms and sprinted towards the drone, and kicked it's head off. "Let's go!"

They caught up and led the way to an escape pod. The man pushed you inside and the doors closed, then a few moments later the pod shot off the ship and headed towards a large worm hole. As you went through you closed your eyes and covered your face from the bright flash.


"C'mon, Pidge. Let's get back to our lions." Shiro said and they both sprinted back down the halls. They hadn't experienced any sort of drone except the one, you killed. They made it to the lions safely and quickly made it back to the castle a docked.

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