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Perhaps it was some odd twist of fate that put our two star paladins in this situation. Perhaps it was some predetermined alignment of the stars. Some grand design? Sone mystical power? Something higher, stronger, wiser? Maybe even something... magical?

Nah, it was probably the fact that Keith and Lance are totally gay.

These thoughts flashed through the minds of Lotor, Keith and Lance as they found themselves frozen in this incredibly awkward yet influential moment in time. Keith was on top of Lance, who had been forced back against the wall, and they were kissing each other passionately. Keith's hand had even made his way down the front of Lance's pants, and it was obvious how tightly he was gripping the blue paladin's crotch. Keith gasped in surprise as soon as he noticed Lotor was standing there, jerking his hand back and pushing himself back off of Lance's lap as quickly as possible, staring at the Galra prince with wide eyes. Lance, on the other hand, made it all too obvious what they had been doing. He was blushing a bright red, beaming goofily, with his clothes unkempt and the bulge in his pants obvious even without Keith's hand there. He probably didn't even notice Lotor there. Speaking of Lotor, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Lance, especially his crotch. He was finding himself surprisingly...excited. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not, but one thing was for sure: this is not what he expected when he came down here.

Days ago, the paladins of Voltron had left their castle to defend a nearby planet from an attack from Lotor. Something had gone horribly wrong, however, and Lance and Keith had been sucked through a wormhole and ejected into some far corner of the universe. They didn't remember anything else when they woke, and their lions were deactivated, but they could still communicate through their helmets. Lance woke up first, dazed and confused.
"Keith?" he mumbled, leaning back into his seat and shifting the control handles ahead of him to see if his lion was awake. It wasn't. "Keith, Red's not working... Keith? Keith!" Keith woke up to Lance's yelling in his helmet, draped sideways over his seat armrest. He sat up with a grunt, grimacing slightly.
"I'm here." He shifted his controls a few times. "The black lion isn't responding."
"Are you okay?" Lance asked, looking around, and then ahead at the black lion floating in front of him.
"Yeah," Keith sighed. "Are you?"
"Yep," Lance replied. "Where...are we?" Keith looked around at the area of space they were in, at the shades of red, blue, grey, and black swirled around them in a cataclysm of stardust.
"I dunno," he mumbled. "Far away from where we last were."
"Well, we gotta get back," Lance said, trying the controls again. "No one knows we're okay except us."
"Our lions aren't working," Keith responded. "We can't go anywhere. We have to wait until they're able to respond." Lance let out a frustrated sigh and crossed his arms.
"This is bullshit," he mumbled, shaking his head. "How long do you think we'll be stuck here?" Keith shrugged.
"Until someone finds us or our lions decide to wake up, I guess."
"But that could take hours!" Lance protested.
"Then we just have to wait," Keith responded. "Figure out some way to pass the time."
"How are we gonna do that?" Lance snapped. A few naughty thoughts flashed through the back of Keith's mind, some that had appeared before, but, as usual, he forced them away.
"We could, you know, talk," he said instead.
"Ugh, fine," Lance groaned, rolling his eyes. "If we have to."

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