Huit - Rendu

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Eight - Requited

If you really wanted to
You know you probably would
Write the stories that lead me to you
Breadcrumb trails that make us anew

Each morning I wake wondering if I'd receive
A telegram or daydream casting reason to believe
That you're in too deep
Much deeper than you'd originally hoped,
or intended,
as the interest seeped
into your DNA, marrow, and bones
The way I distracted you from being alone.

How did I do it? You asked me again
You want the truth, yet I refrain
From the knowledge I've retained inside my brain
As I follow through the tunnel-vision-train

Training each other to see the parallels
and differences
Our sacrifices
Unspoken words
Different worlds

But maybe, we don't need a reason why
We just let ourselves free flow into madness
"Issues with gravity," out-loud I cried
Letting words spill, feelings confessed.


Lady Aria

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