Cinq - Les Différences

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Five - The Differences

You and I
We're from different worlds
Tried compromise
They were empty words

What do I do,
my love,
How do I love thee?

When you're on that side of our forte,
On the other side of me...?

Our love once united us
Their hatred was our drive
But now that the world is harmonious
On what, pray tell, do we thrive?

Our conflict zones, our confrontation
Each laced with traces of passion
Laced and lacy embroidery
Rips, tears, debauchery.

If the body or flesh are not enough
That what is it of me you love?
There is no rational reason that you
And I could stay together for good.

So why do you chase a sun that sets
One you want to - but can't - forget?
As you wait until the daybreak
Then you're gone again...

Lady Aria

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