Alecc0 Presents: A Guide To Writing Fantasy

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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my Wattpad Block Party post! For those that are unfamiliar with me, I'm a published author and Featured on Wattpad, and when I'm not writing I'm an animator for children's TV shows (anyone know Doc McStuffins??).

Last WBP I posted a detailed and lengthy article about How To Write A Story and the storytelling process, which I think is very helpful for those who are interested in such things. Be sure to check it out here:

This time around I wanted to do something else that might be helpful for people (more so than a character interview or special chapter for stories that most people might not be familiar with). So I present to you my writing tips and thoughts about Writing Fantasy.

Big thanks to KellyAnneBlount for having me again! Cheers! *clink* 

Types of Fantasy

So, writing fantasy. First of all, fantasy is such a huge genre that it's first best to define what kind of fantasy you want to write. For example we have Epic/High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Urban Fantasy etc. This article suggests there are at least 64 subgenres:

Some are seen as 'overdone' more than others, such as Portal Fantasy (Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, The Magicians), where a magical gateway leads to a fantastical land. So if you choose a well-explored sub-genre, be sure to make it different enough to stand on its own (more on this later). For myself I enjoy writing Fantasy Adventure mixed with Space Opera (my biggest series is Island Legends, which can be seen as a mix of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars). Whatever you choose, I'd recommend going with something you're passionate or greatly interested in.

What are your favourites subgenres of Fantasy?

Fantasy Tropes

These are the usual elements that are seen in fantasy, such as wizards, magic, dragons, evil sorcerers, princesses etc. Many are considered overdone clichés that people are generally fed up with. Think about the poor boy who learns that he is destined to rule the kingdom, or the wise old mentor who dies in front of the hero. Here is a big list of fantasy clichés:

When writing your fantasy story, think of which tropes you will explore. Maybe you have several already without realising. It's okay to feature some often-used clichés, but it's best to put your own spin on it. And careful about using much used 'spins' on clichés, such as a princess who is also a tough badass, or a macho bully who is secretly sensitive and sweet. I like mixing a few different ideas together, for instance the fighting style of Dragon Ball Z with an RPG game and a Studio Ghibli visual style, perhaps. It's good to learn about the tropes, and then try to make them your own. Always try to tell a story that only you can tell.

What are some of your favourite fantasy tropes? Which ones are you sick of seeing? Any ideas for a 'new spin' on a trope that hasn't really been explored yet?

What are some of your favourite fantasy tropes? Which ones are you sick of seeing? Any ideas for a 'new spin' on a trope that hasn't really been explored yet?

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