Quatre - Un Monde

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Four - A World

She's no artist

but she sure can draw...


and lines just for the sake

of crossing over in hopes of an escape

That she seeks in between all 

ends of the planet

of our world,

overly sensitized to words

The human mind is far greater 

Than the surface of the brain's activity

It's the way it is, not

"how it should be"

What exists simply is that you choose what to see

All that materializes in this physical realm

Is that balance between

both heaven and hell

So tell me again what it is you seek

All you do is run to the 

beat of your feet

You watch your world

progress and grow

Yet make the conscious choice to 

stay down, not follow

"Nonconformist" they call you

but little do they know

The mountains you climbed to 

destroy your ego

For the sake of a perpetual growth

Curiosity got the better of you

when a landslide was you "going with the flow"

So how, tell me again,
I can't
wrap my brain

Around this so-called dilemma

That magically appeared as an 

enigmatic phenomena.

Ever wondered what it would be 

like if you could just see

The world - yours, mine - from 

the other side...

Oh, wait, you did

...then ran to hide.

In plain sight.


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