Meeting the werdio

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John sat in the office, tapping his foot. He had got into another fight with Charles Lee. Not a little fight, John had dislocated  Charles jaw and maybe broken his hip. Charles parents, sorry. Foster parents, said they wouldn't sue John and his family because, they knew one day Charles was going to get beat up and today was the day.

John had been in the office for a good hour and was getting more mad by the second. He looks around the office until he saw something in the corner of his eye. A vase. Not just any vase a vase with turtles on it and John LOVED turtles. John quickly grabbed a pencil and sketchbook out his backpack and began drawing the beautiful vase.

He drew for a good 11 minutes before, he felt hot breath down his neck. John turned around, almost giving himself whiplash. He looked up to see a short boy with a tight ponytail, standing way in John's personal bubble.

"Why did you stop" the boy asked.

John frowned at the boy, "Because your all up in my junk and its making me uncomfortable"

"Well, it's not making me uncomfortable so, continue drawing, your really good at it" The boy kept looking down at John's sketchbook.

John looked at the boy more, He looked oddly similar. John almost gasped, "Alexander Hamilton"

"In the flesh"Alex laughed. John heard stories about Alex how he didn't have any friends so, he had to work in the office during lunch and free period. The legends are true. Alex was really a friendless loser and John actually kinda felt bad.

"So, why are you in the office" Alex sat down next to John, leaning in a little to close.

John scouted away, "I fought Charles Lee"

Alex eyes litted up, "Oh my Lin Manuel Miranda"

"What" John asked, confused who the freak was Lin Manuel Miranda.

"Did you punch him in the jaw because he really need to learn to shut up, I bet he was talking about Mr. Washington, what did Mr. Washington ever do to him" Alex began to ramble on and on about how terrible Charles Lee was and how awesome John was for
beating the frick out of him.

John rolled his eyes, someone really needed to break Alex's jaw to shut him up. No wonder why no one wants to be his friends.

John froze, Alex really didn't have friends and now John really felt bad.  An idea popped up in his head it may be the stupidest thing he ever done but, also the nicest.

"After I get suspended, because I know I will" John starts. " When I come back to school can I come over your house then, we can maybe, chat."

Alex stood up clapping, jumping up and down. "Yes, yes, yes, John a million times yes"

"John Laurens, Mr. George, I mean Princepal King George the Third will like to see you" the Secretary who's nobody knows the name of because the author is the most un creative person ever, called.

"Bye Alex, see you soon" John wave.

"Bye, John" Alex waved back.

*two weeks time skip*

John walked down the hall his Teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack hitting his back.

"MON AMI" a voice from down the hall screams, John rolled his eyes sighing, He knew exactly who it was. Heavy foot steps came from in front of him, revealing one of his best friends. Lafayette. " Hi lafay- AHH" John helped as to fingers hit his side's, He turned around to see his other best friend Hercules Mulligen.

" I'm so, proud of you" Hercs voice boomed as he hugged John.


"For beating the sugar honey ice tea out of Charles Lee" Herc squeezed John harder making it harder for John to breath.

"Herc let go" Lafayette pulled John away.

"But, why" Herc sighed

"Because, it's my turn to hug him" Lafayette pulled John into a tighter hug

"I'm so proud of you, but I'm also very disappointed why didn't you break his jaw all you did was dislocate it"

John pushed away sighing, " Because, I didn't  want to get expelled and I think you guys broken a few ribs"

Hercules and Lafayette laughed walking away.

"No, I'm serious I think you guys really broken something" John ran after them.

"Are we still going to the park today" Lafayette asked stopping at his locker.

"Yeah but, I might be late" Hercules said leaning against the lockers.

"I might be late to" John popped his lips.

"Why" Lafayette asked, grabbing his books.

"Well, I  got a date" Hercules grinned.

"With who, a another horse" Lafayette laffed.

" That was ONE time and I was drunk" Hercules shout.

"People don't try to have sex with horses drunk or sober" John chuckled.

"Shut up, ask John why he's going to be late" Herc blushed.

"Well, I going over someone's house"

" Who's house, we're your only friends" Lafayette slammed his locker.

"UM, Alexander Hamilton's"

"Who" Lafayette leaned in.

"I said Alexander Hamilton"

"No, I  heard you I needed to make sure I  didn't hear you wrong" Lafayette backed up.

"Why are you going over that's werdios house" Hercules asked.

"He needs someone to hang out with"

"And why did you volunteer to hang out with the werdio or did he say if you didn't hang out with him he'll kill your friends and family" Hercules chuckled.

"If he did, thank you because I do not fell like dying" "Today" Lafayette paused, laughing.

"No, I suggested it to him and he said ok"

Lafayette and Hercules stopped laughing,
"WHY" they shout.

"Wow, we said why about ten times in about 30 minutes" Lafayette chuckled a little.

John shook his head ignoring Lafayette's comment, "I did it because Alex got a big mouth and doesn't know a thing about personal space, he needs at least one friend so he won't get knocked out, like Charles Lee did"

John looked behind him to see Alex arguing with Sameul Seaburry.

"And by the looks of it he needs one fast"

Author Note

That's the end of the first chapter of the first fanfiction I posted online. Sorry it's bad I tried my best, please give some tips in the comments so I can improve my writing.
Also, comment if I should continue or not.
Credits to my friend Jael who gave me the idea for this story.

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