|Carl Grimes| "We'll Take Her In." {Part One Of Two}

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You paced around your bedroom, sighing quietly before going back to your father's room

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You paced around your bedroom, sighing quietly before going back to your father's room. You walked to the door and began tugging on it, hoping for it then open. When the sound of the lock shaking ran through your ears, you huffed.

You looked at the kitchen area, briskly walking over to the fridge. You stayed silent, feeling the gaze of five pairs of eyes on you.


"Yeah?" You sighed.

"When's your father going-"

"To be home, why, so you can fuck him..." You turned to Sherry and sighed. "Sorry. Um, I'm not sure, he doesn't tell me anything these days."

"Y/N... I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked."

"No Sherry it's fine. It's just; he doesn't let me out of this house When he does I've to be with him at all times... He named that fucking bat after my mother. She wasn't something you cowered at the sight of, Sorry you probably don't want me babbling on about my mum..."

"Y/N... You're almost 18, take these keys and get out of here. Look around, and I'll talk some sense into Negan." She smiled handing over a set of keys.

Your eyes flashed over as you quickly took the keys. Before hugging her tightly, she smiled and kissed your forehead. She was the closest person you had to your mum. It had been at least seven years since your mum died of cancer. Even though Sherry was Negans 'fuck buddy' she had a heart. You knew about her losing her sister, so maybe that's why she felt sympathy towards you.

Lucille leant against the wall, you sighed and grabbed the bat slinging it over your shoulder in a similar Negan did. You walked out the door and breathed in the fresh air. You looked around, trying to remember the way to the garden outside. It's the one place you enjoyed going; it was peaceful, desolate, no one disturbed you there.

People looked towards you as you swung the bat back and forth now and then.

You came to the garden and smiled, walking to the small brown bench in the middle. You sat down and looked at the bat in your lap. The barbed wire tangled around it like a snake. You looked at the small bits of flesh around it and grimaced slightly, pulling a few pieces off. You slid the bat under the bench out of sight and took a small family photo from your pocket; it was From when you were all happy. That ended quickly after your mum died.

A man walked towards you; mid 20's slightly older than you, a smirk planted on his lips.

"Well hello, pretty lady."

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