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Dupatta, as in shawl we wear with kurtha, lehenga, etc must be a part of romance.

There is no serial without romance scene where dupatta is involved. Every serial has the dupatta scene somewhere.

And the most hilarious logic, I think is, if dupatta falls, you're seducing.

Look at the picture :

You see where the neck line of the kurtha is, right?

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You see where the neck line of the kurtha is, right?

Just suppose she is with a guy and something happens and the dupatta falls down...

Dun dun dun duuun!

Here is the starting of the romance.


Because she just showed him the rest of her neck under the dupatta.

Like seriously!?

I don't think dropping dupatta makes any super expose of your body. So I don't see the point of this kind of so called 'sexy' dupatta dropping scene unless you look like Vidya Balan in dirty picture.

And its not only this. In most of the serials, the guy somehow comes to have the dupatta of the girl and somehow, the dupatta brings them close. And this is not only in a particular serial, it happens in almost all of the serial.

So dupatta is one of the typical item that brings the two love birds together besides bed of course.

Who else thinks this is one of the stupidest plot line in Indian serials or is it just me?

Until we meet next time :)

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