Chapter Ten: Team Natsu vs Lucy

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I hugged her tightly, then let go. "I'll come back as much as I can to visit. For now, you are in charge of all the other dragons."

She knelt, golden tears falling from her eyes. "Thank you, Lucy."

I shook my head. "No, thank you, Star, for showing me a new family."

With that, I stepped into the spinning portal. The portal back to Magnolia.

Lucy's POV

I emerged from the spinning portal, sighing in relief. I still wasn't used to the portal rides, especially since I hadn't set foot on Earthland since four years ago. I looked around and saw that i was in one of the alleyways near a market. I quickly purchased a black cloak to conceal myself, and then for safety measures, used my transformation magic to transform into a blonde girl with blue tips and ice blue eyes.

"There," I murmured to myself. "No one will be able to recognize me now... except for my scent."

I rummaged through my bag and found a bottle full of scent concealing perfume. I sprayed it all over myself, mentally reminding myself to put it on at least every five hours.

"Time to go to Fairy Tail..." I muttered.

I walked to the guild hall the same route I walked when I'd lived here. I passed my apartment, sighing as I relived the memories of the past.

"Watch your step miss!" One of the boatmen shouted as I walked on the edge of the canal.

At last, I'd made it to the guild hall. Fairy Tail. My former home. I threw open the door and saw the everyone fighting.

"How DARE you crush my cake!!!" Erza roared. "Yoou shall DIE!!"

"Outta the way, Flamebrain!' Gray yelled.

"What'd you call me, Ice Princess?!" A certain pink-haired dragon slayer shouted back.

Everything stopped as they notice me. Erza let go of Elfman's neck. Gray and Natsu stopped punching each other.

"Who are you?" Erza asked, frowning. "What business do you have with the guild?"

I ignored her and went straight for the stairs. I was stopped by the scarlet- haired mage. "Answer me!"

I smiled softly, eyes covered by the hood. "It's none of your business, Erza Scarlet."

Shocked gasps came from the onlookers as they heard me contradict the Titania. Erza was quick to respond though. "Anyone who wants to see the master shall answer to me."

She requiped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and suddenly, fifty swords were raised into the air. I heard one person snort, "I can't even sense a bit of this stranger's power! What a weakling!! Titania will deal with her quickly!"

Weakling. That word sent me over the edge as I remembered my nickname. A tag that was handed to me without will. I gritted my teeth as I concentrated on not letting my power out. I didn't want to unleash it just yet.

So instead, I smiled and said, "We'll see about that." As quick as lightning, I'd already shot past Erza and to the master's door without using an ounce of my power. I set up a barrier within a sound barrier using a magic runes pen, again, without using my magic. I mouthed the words See you later! to Erza, who was currently, shocked to the point where she couldn't move.

I heard pounding on the barrier and muffled yells, but nothing my trusty barrier couldn't take care of. I knocked twice on master's door.

"Come in," a voice from inside called.

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