Chapter 1

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Diana POV:

"You got this," I tell the figure in the mirror, hands clenching at the auburn sink.

"This is all you," I tell her, and there seems to be disbelief swirling in those dulled out, lifeless eyes.

"Second chance at a real life. Don't fuck it up," I demand, pointing a finger, and she just stares blankly at me.

I saw change in her. I truly, and really did. She didn't wallow in her own self-pity, she took it and made it her own. She didn't pent up her emotions, she just blew it off. They were nothing and she was something. This is the person it took so painstakingly long to build, and I would keep to her. She would stay. But now that she finally got what she wanted, the walls have already started to build, doubt kicking in.

"You didn't spend 8 months in here again for no reason. No crying. You're done with that," I snap and she still stands there blankly, the flesh of my hands digging further into the edge of the sink, my skin turning pink with agitation.

"Please. Don't lose it. Not again. We are so close. So close. We can make it," I try to bring her confidence up, and she just looks at me weakly.

"We've changed. Let's stick to it," I murmur, and her eyes still tell me otherwise.

"Diana?" someone knocks sharply at the door, and I turn away from my reflection.

"Are you alright? You've been in there for ages," they say and I groan realising its Natalia – the warden for this ward.

"Fucking peachy," I tell her and I can practically see her disapproval.

"Language," she warns, and I open the bathroom door, raising a challenging brow at her.

I had gotten taller, much taller. When I first came here I was inches shorter than her, now almost two years later that I have known her, I am at least taller by four inches. I guess having the needed nutrients really did something.

She just sighs giving me an incredulous look and I give a small shrug, a smile tugging at my lips.

"Don't get cheeky," she snaps, and turns on her heel, walking away.

I catch Todd's eye from across the room, sitting in his usual bed, tubes connecting his arm hooked up to an IV, a glitter of amusement etched into his face and I splutter out laughing as soon as Natalia leaves.

"You're pushing your luck Di," he says, shaking his head,

"She's lived with it for two years in total now, and eight months straight within that time. She can handle another hour," I wink at him, and he chuckles.

Todd came in a few weeks ago, diagnosed with autism, and a mental disorder- he wasn't the most popular here yet, and his snappy and rude attire didn't really help either. He seemed cool with me though. The people here were messed up, but they still judged. Harsh.

"All packed up?" he says, voice gruff. He was a couple of years older, maybe 20 or so? I didn't know why he had come in so late. And I thought I came in at a late age too.

"Yup. I'm ready," I tell him and he laughs raising his hand for a high five, and I slap it.

"You look it," he says, eyes on my clothes that Miranda had so carefully purchased for me, boots, camo pants and a black t-shirt that for some reason really clung. I think I grew more than expected. I'd have to get bigger clothes that didn't cling so awkwardly.

They all kept true to their word, visiting once every three weeks, that much they were allowed. Wesley was different, he was blood and was given more visit days, though I hadn't seen him for a while now.

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