~Rayne | The King of the Seven Kingdoms~

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-Age 16-

The stony walls echoed the consistent chatter amongst the residents of Winterfell. The great hall's decor was completed with several colourful banners from the different houses that would be joining the feast within the monumental walls.

Ideas of having so many new faces joining the Starks for the welcoming feast of King Robert Baratheon enticed Rayne. However, the attracting feeling was quickly dwindling as everyone in the castle hustled around. Lady Catelyn felt as though it was her personal assignment to make certain that every little detail was in place.

Rayne voiced, time and time again, that the intoxicated guests wouldn't notice a single bit of Catelyn's efforts and that it was all very much futile. This simple truth did not sway Lady Catelyn's thoughts as she continued to command every single able bodied person.

Forcing the older boys, Robb, Theon, and Jon to have their hair sheared off and their beards shaved away was one of the many things that Catelyn obsessed over. She even forced the handmaids to fix Rayne, Sansa, and Arya into royal dresses and hairstyles.

Feeling ridiculous, Rayne finally managed to get away from Catelyn's overbearing perfectionism and walked through the busy hallways in a very uncomfortably tight dress. It was truly beautiful, Rayne wasn't blind. The grey, black, and white fabrics hugged fittingly around her waist and arctic silver lace ran across the span of her arms and back. Her collarbones were prominently exposed and the dress expanded at the bottom creating a look of proprietary. Despite all of its beauty, she still thought Catelyn was over thinking the entire event. The whites in the dress accentuated her darker features and her hair was in braids that crowned her head and joined together in the back.

Rayne made her way to where she knew Jon Snow would be along with Robb and Theon. As she strolled through the corridor, a small whimper of excitement was heard and the pitter-patter of soft paws made their way to Rayne's side. The lady looked down to see her black pup watching her with its ice blue eyes. A month had passed since Jon, Robb, Bran, and Lord Eddard brought her home the pup. She would remember that moment forever.

She stood on the allure with Arya and looked over the lands of Winterfell with the small girl. They walked along the wall-walk and talked about things of little importance. The wall stretched on for quite a while and it provided a nice and safe place to walk. When they noticed the party that had left in the morning ride through the threshold of the trees, the two girls made their way down to the entrance gate to greet them. The gates opened and the Lord of Winterfell entered first followed by everyone else. Lord Eddard stopped in front of Rayne and Arya and the older girl grabbed his horse's reigns from him. She petted the tough skinned stallion and smiled when Arya jumped into her father's arms and embraced him. After the two pulled apart, the lord looked to Rayne and a grin etched itself onto his face before he walked to her and pressed a kiss to her forehead. A stable boy took the reigns out of her hand and Rayne hugged Ed lightly.

"I trust everyone came back in one piece." Rayne chuckled and let her eyes scan everyone to make sure that the people who left were there.

"Aye, we were met with little trouble. Arya, find your sister and brothers and meet us back here." Ned ordered and Arya bolted away without another word.

Rayne looked at him with confusion. "Is something the matter, my lord?"

"Nothing too serious, come with me." Lord Stark gestured at her and he walked to Robb who held what had appeared to be furs.

As Rayne got near enough, she could tell that the small pelts of fur were not pelts at all. They were alive and moving animals. She studied them and soon realized they were wolf pups.

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