Chapter 18

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Angel's POV

Kisses all over my face and neck brought me out of my slumber.

I raised my head to see that we were still in the car but Xavier had joined us on the back seats and now they were both peppering me with kisses, trying to wake me up.

"I'm up, I'm up." I mumbled tiredly, trying to hold my head up and eyes open.

The twins chuckled at my condition.

"We still want to show you something, Angel."

"Are you up for that baby?"

"Mhmm." Was all they got as a response as I was snuggling myself into Xander.

He began purring and I popped one eye open to look at him, smirking lazily.

"You're a little kitten, aren't you?"

He shook his head firmly but the purring didn't stop.

"Oh really?"

"Yup." Popping the p.

"Well your purring tells me otherwise."

He frowned.

"We're not kittens, we're wolves."

I looked down faking sadness once again.

"What's wrong, princess?"

"I thought I could have two adorable kitties but I guess not." I said 'sadly', twiddling with my thumbs on my lap. Fighting a smile was really hard as I saw them use the mindlink to talk about the matter, I think. They were both frowning but when a tear leaked from my eye? They instantly agreed just to cheer me up which showed me how much they cared.

"We will be your kittens Angel, just please don't cry. It hurts to see you cry." Xander wiped away the lone tear that had somehow slipped.

I smiled at them happily and hugged them.

"My little kittens."

I could feel them tense at the sentence as neither them nor their wolves liked the way they were referred to.

Xavier kissed my forehead and mumbled so that his lips touched my skin with every word.

"Anything for our little angel."

That made me giggle as they were actually trying to come to terms with the fact that I will call them kittens. They both looked at me confusedly, eyebrows scrunched together and lower lips slightly pushing out.

"You guys are adorable. Don't worry, I don't need kittens. I'm happy with the big bad wolves that I have to protect me."

No words can explain how relieved they were when I said that. But then horror crossed their features as they looked at each other.

"She tricked us. She actually managed to trick us."

Their mouths were agape as I grinned at them cheekily.

"So, I believe you wanted to show me something?"

That snapped them into reality and they nodded quickly. Climbing out of the car Xander didn't let me go and put me on his hip instead as he carried me.

I pouted at him.

"I can walk, you know?"

He kissed my pouty lips before nibbling on the lower lip with his teeth.

"We know. But we like carrying you and there is no road going where we want to go so we're not taking any chances on you tripping over something and possibly hurting yourself."

I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest and turning my head so that I wasn't looking at him.

"Angel, you know we only want to take care of you, we don't want you to get hurt especially when we can do something about it. Don't be mad at us, princess."

I sighed and turned back to him, bringing my arms around his neck and resting my cheek on his shoulder.

"I know but sometimes you're just going a bit overboard with that. I'm not mad at you but I'm pretty sure I can walk without tripping, I'm not wearing heels, see?" And I raised my leg as high as I could in front of him and he looked at my boot before bringing my leg down softly as he looked back at me.

"I know you're not wearing heels but I still don't like the idea of you walking here. You can be quite clumsy sometimes and I'm not taking any risks."

"Xavier." Hoping that his brother would be more reasonable but no.

"I'm with him on this, Angel. We know we're too overprotective sometimes but we just can't help it. It's in our nature as Alphas to be more protective and the fact that you're so tiny and fragile looking pushes us and our wolves to be even more protective than we usually are."

"I'm not tiny."

"Um yes, you are. You're what, 5'0?"

"Hey! I'm 5'1 for your information, mister!"

They looked at me as if I had gone insane.

"That's still very tiny."

"Compared to you everyone is tiny!"

"You're tiny compared to others too, not just us, baby angel."

I just groaned and rest my face in Xander's neck. There's no point in arguing with these two!

We walked for another few minutes - oh, wait, let me correct: THEY walked for another few minutes carrying me - until they came to a stop and Xander nudged me lightly.

"We're here, babygirl."

I took my head out of his neck where I had been stuffing it and looked around.

We were standing at the edge of a lake which was almost completely surrounded with rocks of all sizes. On the other side of the lake, opposite to us was a beautiful waterfall. I gasped at the beauty in front of me and asked Xander to put me down which he did although reluctantly. I ran to the water even when the twins told me not to. I crouched and touched the water with my fingertips. It wasn't ice cold but it wasn't the warmest either.

I turned back to the twins who were looking at me.

"Can we go swimming?"

They looked at me as if I had grown two heads, horns, a tail and wings.

"Are you crazy?? Absolutely not!!"

"But, why?"

Xavier came over and picked me up, putting me onto his hip just like Xander had done earlier.

"Because you could catch a cold and we can't have that now, can we?"

I pouted and tried to hide a small yawn which didn't go unnoticed by the twins.

"I think we should go home now, you're getting tired."


"Come on now baby, we can come back some other day."

I mumbled a small 'okay' and looked back at the lake as they began walking back through the forest, towards where we left our car.

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