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*hostess struts onto the stage, doing a Hollywood pose before facing audience*

Hey all of you smexi peeps...Welcome to another episode of 2 minutes with..."

"Today on the show I will be interviewing the ever charismatic Crossroad..."

"Freesia Lockheart, everybody!"

Hey and welcome to the show...

Hi! It's nice to meet you, all of you.

It's a pleasure, So how did you come across the Whimsical world of Wattpad?

I stumbled across this site about a year or so ago when I was searching for something to read. The orange W is so hard to resist or forget, haha.

Aint' it just, it's so damn addicting...So anyway if you could pick, What would be your favourite book here on Wattpad?

I have a few favourites among my favourites. They're all good. So here's my list as of today: Grace - The Believer's Daughter by Caitlyn Duffy, Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris, and Alone on Cloud 9 by xoStardust.

So really random question...but if you could become any one of your characters, who would you be. And why?

I'd be Miles and go save Incatasi, the fallen kingdom. I love going on adventures.

Aha adventures are pretty cool, Oooh who is your favourite watty writer?

Caitlyn Duffy. She's a gem. Her writing is superb and just pure awesomeness.

Pretty cool might have to go check out her work myself ^ _^

So lastly do you have any tips for the new wattpadders?

Keep in mind that you get back a portion of what you give.

A portion, not the whole thing. That's also true around here in Wattpad.

It's like an echo.

So for those who are asking what's the easiest way to get noticed, there's none. But you can always start in the clubs.

They're there for a purpose. You'll get a lot of uncool moments in there and people 'cheating' on you with regards to their end of the 'bargain'.

But seriously, there are a few out there who'd read for real and be with you the whole ride of your story making. They will always be worth all the trouble you'd get in while promoting your stories.

Well that's the end ... and thank you it’s been a complete pleasure on my behalf and the audience, wishing you the very best here on wattpad and in your future :3 x...

Thank you and thank you again. It's such an honour. I had a good time. :))

*waves to the crowd before walking off*

"Awww wasn't she just perky :D x"

"Stay tuned guys for another episode of 2 mins with...Where we will be bringing you the Shake it Up rounds!" :3 x

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