Katie's P.O.V

At 11:00am, I was woken by some loud snoring, coming from behind me. The snoring was getting louder and was right next to my ear. I turned over to see the completely oblivious and heavy sleeping Danny, he had his mouth half open and his arm still resting on my waist. He looked actually really cute when he slept, especially with his hair ruffled at the back. I started to stroke his face gently with my hand, tracing circles down his nose. He moved his head slightly but was still fast asleep. I got up to make some tea, as I turned the kettle on I thought about what happened last night. Wow what a night, some pretty funny and downright surprising things happened yesterday. But at the end of the day I did have fun and some naughty fun with Danny, I can't believe he did that last night. I mean I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong but WOW, I've never felt so much adrenaline in my life, partly because I was trying my best not to wake anybody up but also Danny just made me feel that way. Whenever I'm around him I feel like my hearts going to burst out my chest.

Soon after the kettle went off so I made my cup of tea and walked over to the sofa where Trixie was still sleeping. Slowly moving her feet, I sat down on the end of the sofa with Danny lying on the floor beside my feet. ''Oh my head'' I heard someone moan, it was Glen. He held his face with both hands and moved the blanket from on top of him. I smiled at him and he tried his best to do the same back but I guess he had a hangover from last night. He walked over to a cupboard in Danny's kitchen then he took out some painkillers but as he did a load of other medicine dropped out the cupboard, which made a loud noise as they all hit the ground. ''Oh shit'' yelled Glen. This immediately woke everyone up, apart from Danny. Glen began to clean up the mess, whilst singing softly 'You won't feel a thing', I think he was trying to sooth himself, from his headache. Jade and Trixie tried to come to terms with their surroundings. Lola sat up and started to point at Glen. Trixie and Jade's eyes followed her finger and stared in shock. What are they doing?, I thought to myself. ''Oh my god its you, its 'Glen Power' from 'The script''' screeched Lola. Jade and Trixie's eyes widened ''Oh yeah it is'' gasped Jade ''But I...'' said Trixie. Glen gave the girls a puzzled but amused look. ''Didn't you already know who he was when he told ya his name luvs?'' I asked ''Well of course we knew his name but it hasn't dawned on me until now, who he actually is'' said Trixie loudly ''Shh you'll wake Dan'' I whispered. ''What there's more?'' said Jade. Bloody hell, how drunk were these girls last night. The girls started to circle around me as if I was their prey. ''Katie, you do know your dating Danny O'Donoghue, right?'' whispered Lola ''Yes I'm pretty sure I know who I've been snogging these past couple of weeks'' I said sarcastically. The girls all let out a gasp ''Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is real and I flirted with Glen Power last night'' said Trixie ''Yes we know'' I replied rolling my eyes ''I don't suppose you could get your hands on some 'Script' gig tickets and some backstage passes would be nice too, seen as your boyfriend is actually in the band...Oh and maybe you could get them to throw in some free merch as well'' muttered Jade ''Oh and dya want fries with that too'' I mumbled. I made us turn out of the huddle, to save Glen from the awkwardness he must be feeling right now. What must he think of us all.

After the girls had got over the shock of meeting 1.5 of the script (well Danny was still asleep still, I don't know how, with all the screeching that was going on before), they got ready to leave. ''Do you really have to leave guys?, lets go shopping instead'' I asked, with a frown. ''Me and Jade would but Lola has to get back to her mum A.S.A.P!'' said Trixie sarcastically. ''She does need me guys'' uttered Lola, near the door ''She's not dying luv!'' muttered Trixie, shaking her head to Lola ''No, but she did say she had a cold'' mumbled Lola. Glen then took Trixie over to the corner of the kitchen, we all looked at each other with uncertain looks ''Now you know I'm in the script, you still wanna hang out right?'' I heard Glen say then all I saw was Trixie open her mouth and nod her head dramatically. Trixie then began to make her way over to us again. ''Well wish us luck trying to find the car'' moaned Jade ''Good luck'' I said ''I'll help you find it, if you want? I'd better be off home now anyway'' offered Glen ''Aww, thank-you very much'' said Lola. ''You know I'm surprised Danny hasn't woken yet, with all you lot making this much noise'' I muttered ''Ah ha, don't worry about our Dan there, when he's asleep, not even a herd of elephants can wake him up'' laughed Glen back. ''Well we'll see you soon then'' said Jade, as she gave me a warm smile. ''Probably when you return to Chester'' said Trixie before she gave me another one of her suffocating hugs but I knew she meant well. I gave Glen a quick hug and waved them all off, as they trotted off down the street.

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