Chapter 2(:

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♥Chapter 2:

We cried and held one another on the bathroom floor. Mom wiped her eyes,''Okay let's make another deal. But this time we have to stick by it no matter what. No male will ever come between us.'' I sniffed,''What about female?'' I asked her. She gave me a weird look,''Why? You're not Bi,are you?'' I laughed,''No mother,I'm not Bi.'' She laughed too,''Okay,let's pinky swear no male/female will ever come between us.'' We wrestled each others pinkys. ''I'm gonna take a shower.'' I told her. She nodded and got off the floor and walked out. I took a long hot shower. I love hot showers after sex♥.

----------After Shower-------------------

I slipped on my white robe and towel dried my hair. I walked down the hallway toward my mothers room,''Hey ma! Come'on let's go to the nail salon. I think I'm gonna a tan too..'' I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw Camron on one knee and a little black velvet box in his hand. My mother had shock written on her face. She saw me and threw me a look of pure need. Like she needed my help. I stood there like an idiot with my mouth open. ''Um..well I think I just need some time to think about this..'' She told Camron. He sighed and got off his knee and put the little black velvet box into his pocket. He brushed past me as he walked out the door.

-------------Kate[Rachel's Mother]Pov--------------

I couldn't believe it. He just proposed to me! This wasn't suppose to happen.The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt my daughter. My pride and Joy♥. It's just since she left it's been so lonely. And then me and Camron started seeing each other. I fell in love. I didn't mean to. It just happened. I never wanted to hurt Rachel. And I know she's gonna hate me. I never wanted that to happen. I hated my own mother,I swore I would never let that happen to my own kid. Camron walked out the door,and Rachel stood there staring at me. I stretched my hand out to her,''Come here Rach.'' I said. She walked over toward me. I couldn't tell if she was mad or not. ''Sit down,honey.'' I told her. She got this funny look in her face,''No way,mom.You haven't even washed the sheets yet.'' I laughed at her and climbed out of bed,''Come on,let's go for a drive.''

----------Rachel's Pov----------------

She wanted to go for a drive. Probably just to think. We drove in silence. I played around with the radio whil she drive, Damaged By Danity Kane came on.''When's the last time you had a relationship you really cared about?'' She asked out of no where. I turned my head toward her,shocked by question. ''I think I was in 7th grade.'' I admitted. She smiled at me,like she thought I was joking. ''Seriously?'' She asked me,when she realized I was telling the truth. ''Damn,Rach. Who was it?'' I sighed.''You remember Luke,right?'' Luke was the one boy I gave my heart♥ to. She nodded,''He was cute. What happend between the two of you anyway?'' It was so long ago. So why does it still hurt. I shrugged off the feeling,''He dumped me for Elizabeth.'' I said unfeeling. Mom gasped,''But you and Elizabeth were best friends..'' I nodded,''Were. Back in middle school,I was still a virgin. I was innocent and..differnt. Elizabeth was just easy and..''My voice trailed off. ''I bet he regreted it.'' She said with a smile. ''I know he did. Because in 9th grade he said he wanted me back. That's when I changed...'' So what? I'm a slut. What the hells wrong with that? It just means I can get any guy I want. We pulled into a parking lot and trees surrounding us,''Uh is this the part where you kill me? I mean,hey I'm cool with you marrying my ex! Let's not do anything that could you know,put you in prison or cause me any harm and/or pain.'' I said completey serious. I think I saw this movie on life time. Mom laughed at me. ''Shut up..''Her voice trailed off. She looked out toward the trees. I gotta admit they looked kinda cool. There was a litte pathway through them,I got out of the car. Mom looked alert,''Where the hell are you going?'' I laughed,''Come on!'' She got out of the car and followed me through the woods.

-------------Kate's Pov-----------------

I followed Rachel. I bet she doesn't even know where the hell she's going. I stopped dead in my tracks,''Is this the part where you kill ME? I mean,come on Rach I didn't mean for it to happen.'' I really wasn't joking. I saw this on life time. The mom sleeps with the daughters boyfriend and then the girl kills her.In the woods. Rachel laughed at me,''Relax,Mommy Dearest.'' I rolled my eyes. And then out of nowhere,''So why DID we drive all the way out here?'' She asked me. I sighed,''I don't know. I just needed to think.'' She looked at me,''So what are you gonna do?'' I took her hand,''Sweethear,I love you. And you're happiness comes before mine. If you don't want me to do this,then I won't.'' I looked into her green eyes. Her father's eyes. ''Do you love him?"She asked me in a whisper. I smiled,''I think I do.'' She pulled me into a hug,''Mom I just want you to be happy. 8 inches really aren't up to my standards anyway.'' She said. I smacked her upside the head,''Geez kid,hard to belive I used to put applesauce in the dirty mouth.'' She laughed. ''Come on,I need a manicure too.'' I said. We walked back to the car. ''I'm suprised we didn't get lost.'' I told her. She rolled her eyes,''I knew where I was going.'' I rolled my eyes back at her,''Sure you did,kid.'' We got back into the car. And I noticed an old-beat up chevy next to us. ''Hey wasn't that the truck that was behind us earlier?'' I said. Rachel looked at the truck,''I think so.'' She said. ''Creepy.'' I said. Rach just shrugged,''Come on,Mom let's go!'' She whined. I put the car in drive and got the hell out of there. But I notice that truck behind us as we got on the highway.I lost em when we got in town I was driving fast,''Mom slow down! You're scaring the shit outta me!'' Rachel shrieked. ''Watch your mouth.'' I mutterd.

------------------Stalker's Pov------------------

I watched them as they walked out of their house and got into their car. She looked so beautiful. It's been so long since I've seen her,since she went off to college. I've been waiting outside her house all day. God,I've missed her. I followed them as they drove away. They stopped at a wildlife park reservation. I watched as my sweet,sweet Rachel got out of the car. And she walked into the woods,her mother following close behind. I decieded to wait for them,instead of going with them. They might not like that. Later,they came back and got in their car. I could see her mother saying something as she was pulling out of the parking lot. I followed them into town,but I lost them. I drove all around until I saw their car parked in front of a nail salon. I parked across the street. I could see my angel through the glass windows. I'll never forget that night we spent together. It was magical.

-------------------------Rachel's Pov-------------------------

We pulled into the parking lot and got out. ''So when are you gonna talk to him?'' I asked her. She blushed,''I'm thinking about calling him later and inviting him over.'' I nodded. ''I'll probably have plans so I'll be out of your way.'' ''I was hoping that you'd be there too. You know,so we could spend time together like'' Like a family? Did she have any idea what she asking? She wanted me to be around her and my ex while they're cuddling? ''Um..sure mom.'' Hell,I guess I was gonna have to get used to it anyway. But seriously,mom+ex+me=Akward. We walked into the nail salon and the whole bunch was there. We knew everyone at the nail salon. ''Hey Rachel,Kate.'' The owner Melinda greeted us. Mom ran over to her and hugged her,''OhMyGawd! Guess what?!'' Melinda seemed happy that mother was happy.''What?!'' She shrieked. ''I'm engaged!'' My mom screamed. It seemed like the whole shop cheered. Everyone was gushing over to her.''Get ready to be in my wedding girls.'' My mom said while she got her manicure. I was actually kinda excited. My mom and ex are getting marriad. And I'm happy. Is that normal? ''Mom,we gotta go shopping for you wedding dress!'' I exclaimed. She screamed,''I cannot wait. I just can't believe this is happening!'' Janet,a friends of ours said''So Rach when are you gonna settle down?'' I was kinda shocked by this question,''Come on Janet,I'm 19.'' Janet snorted,''You're never too young for love. You better hurry up too,before all the good ones are taken.'' I laughed,''I don't think there are any good ones.'' Everyone laughed. ''She's gotta point.'' Lorie said. When we were finished,we walked down the street to get ice cream. And then we saw Camron.

He was with his little sister,Amy. They were buying ice cream too. He saw us and walked over with Amy. ''Hey.'' I really didn't know who he was saying it to. But my mom answered,''I have to talk to you.'' Camron looked at me,''Can you watch Amy for a sec?'' I nodded. This is so weird. Amy and I sat on the bench and talked,''So how you been kid?'' I asked her. She shrugged,''Been better.'' She was 13,pretty,and boy crazy. ''Been better? What's wrong,huh?'' I saw her bottom lips jutt out,''Erik broke up with me.'' I really felt for the kid. ''Yikes. I remember when I was 13 and I got dumped. It sucked.'' Amy nodded. ''Hey kid? Remember this,mmk? Never ever forget what I'm about to tell you. Boys,they suck. You give them your heart and they break it. Never trust a male. Boys,they ain't no good. All they do is hurt you and lie to you.Oh and don't forget cheat!'' Amy just started at me as I went on and on. ''Wow,Rach. Sounds like you know all about boys.'' Something like that. ''Trust me,kid. This is my specialty.Guys are NO GOOD.'' I said it again so I could get it in her head. ''Even Camron?'' Especially Camron. ''Uh..well..I'm in no place to judge.'' Was my brilliant answer. And then that's when the lovely couple showed up holding hands. Amy looked shocked. Hell,everybodys been getting that look today. She looked from her brother to me,to him and my mother holding hands and back to me. '' were right.'' Haha see? Camron kissed my mom's cheek and walked over to Amy,''Come on Kiddo,let's go.'' Amy got up,''See ya later,DramaQueen.'' I laughed. Mom sat down next to me. ''Alright,let's go get your wedding dress!'' I practically yelled. Mom laughed,''Do we have to? I'm tired.'' She whined. I rolled my eyes,''Yes come on!"

----------------------I'm qonna spare you the details--------------------------------------

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