01| Crying Birthday Girls

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Written on April 29th, 2017

Chapter 1: Crying Birthday Girls

Aletta Castilo

'Am,' Aletta – the oldest daughter of the Castillo family – whispered gently to her twin sister. 'Am, are you awake?' she repeats the question she has been asking her for the past minutes, without getting an answer.

'Damn it, Am, wake up!' Aletta now hisses, annoyed by the fact that her sister won't wake up. Their birthday has started a few hours ago but since Amada is such a heavy sleeper, Aletta had to wait for her to wake up so they could start celebrating their birthday.

And having to wait for something, wasn't exactly Aletta's strongest suit. . .

'Am, I swear, if you don't wake up right now, I'm throwing you into the creek,' Aletta now grumbles. 'Damn it!' A few other curse words escape her lips of the nineteen year old, as she dramatically grips her hair. 'Why? Why?'

Aletta's dramatic act drew the attention of Muffin – the cat the girls got for their eleventh birthday. Meowing loudly, the ginger cat enters the room, and jumps on the bed Aletta and Amada were on.

It was only when Muffin nestled itself against the sleeping brunette and started spinning, that Amada finally started to wake up. A short 'thank God' escapes Aletta's lips before she jumps her younger sister.

'Amada, fi-na-lly! You're awake!' Aletta all but screams happily, showering her with kisses on the cheeks. 'Happy birthday,' she adds to it, pulling Amada from her bed and dragging her out of the room – and Amada meekly follows her.

'Mother, father!' Aletta calls out happily as they walk downstairs, kind of warning them that they were coming. 'How long have you been awake?' Amada asks sleepily, though a smile was appearing on her face.

Aletta shrugs. 'Three hours, give or take.'

Amada starts laughing, and shakes her head. 'Should've known,' she mumbles, more to herself than to her sister. They continue their way downstairs – although Aletta is more storming downstairs, while Amada just walks downstairs with grace.

Once downstairs, they see that their dad, Arlo, and their mother, Calinda, are waiting for them. They look at their daughters with a hint of pride in their eyes, before hugging them.

'My little girls,' Arlo mumbles, trying to contain his tears. Calinda on the other hand doesn't do anything to stop her tears from running freely, nor does she wipe them away. The only thing she cared about right now, is holding her daughters in her arms.

'Okay, I guess that's enough, Mom,' Aletta whispers, and tries to break free of the hold her mother had on her. Calinda doesn't want to hear it and keeps holding on to her, making Aletta sigh heavily.

Amada on the other hand, doesn't mind being hugged by her father, and even relishes in it before they let go of each other.

'Let's have breakfast,' Calinda suggests cheerily and claps her hands. Her eyes hold this small twinkle, being happy that she's able to celebrate both her daughters birthdays. They all nod and follow each other into the kitchen. The smell of fresh croissants fills the air, which makes Aletta's stomach growl gently. She blushes.

Their parents laugh at that and Amada shakes her head playfully – this wasn't any new to her. Her sister isn't as lady-like as her, as their mother always says.

Burping at the table, her clothes always dirty and tattered – even if what she's wearing is just new -, never on time, and always ready to throw around comebacks to those who find it necessary to comment on something. But despite always landing herself in trouble, Amada knows that Aletta has a heart of gold.

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