Chapter 11

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Y/N's POV:

"Y/n stop" Sofia whined cutely as I snapped pictures of her with my camera

"No don't stop" dove said as she posed causing me to laugh

We were currently at radio Disney for some interviews they had. It was just them two but they asked me to tag along

We were currently walking into the building.

"Come on this way" dove said as she led us through the halls

I was so busy in capturing pictures of Sofia and Dove that i wasn't paying attention where I was going causing me to bump into someone

"Oh my bad" I said as I held the person so they wouldn't fall

"Oh no it's okay don't worry about it" the person said

"Y/n?" I heard someone ask

I looked up and was met with Fifth Harmony

"It is y/n" dinah said before reaching in and giving me a big hug

The girls all awed and tackled me into a big group hug

"Hey girls" I said

"Hey how have you been? It's been so long" normani asked

"I've been good. I'd ask you guys the same but I know that you guys are killing it as a foursome" I said and normani and Lauren smirked

"You know it" they said

I felt eyes in the back of my head

"Oh this is Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron" I said "girls this is Normani, Ally, Dinah, and Lauren" I said introducing them

"Oh we know" dove said and they both went to shake their hands

"Hi nice to meet you. I'm a big fan" Sofia said all cute and shy

The girls all greeted each other for a bit but someone shouted at Sofia and dove that they had to keep moving

"Hey we need to catch up okay" Lauren said

"Yea y/n we need to have a little reunion" dinah said

"I'll slide into your dms" Lauren said

"Sounds good I look forward to it" I said and gave all the girls a hug

"Aww I feel like a mom. You look so much older. I'm glad we saw each other" ally said "til next time" she said

I waved bye to them and then proceeded to go with the two other girls to their interview

"How the hell do you know fifth harmony?" Dove asked me

"Oh we go way back" I said with laugh

"What? And why didn't you ever tell me" she said

"She was best friends with camila cabello growing up" Sofia said

"Girl, really? That girl is so pretty" dove said

"I know right" Sofia said and I felt myself getting nervous

"She's gorgeous and I love her music. The other night she actually came over to our house with her family" Sofia said

"Omg that's so cool" dove said "ugh not only is she pretty but her boyfriend is so hot" she said " that photoshoot they did was so cute" she added

"Yea they're a cute couple" Sofia said "but we're cuter" Sofia said while putting her head on my shoulder and I gave her head a kiss

"Y/n you should invite camila to set one day just so she can see what we do and so we can hang out" dove said

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