Chapter 15

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Robotic Human Love

Chica's POV

For a while now I have been racking my brain around Avery. What was she planning? Why does she act like this? Where did the smell of wielded metal come from? Where and who did she learn magic and shape-shifting from? What do her songs mean? So far I feel that her last one was a touch of a warning. She is purposely lessing her chances of surviving but from what I seen she doesn't care about that statistic that part has nothing to do with her for she is confadente in surviving for her plan. I sigh in frustration as I stop pacing. "What's got you tied up in knots?" Bonnie asked. "Avery." I responded and he glared. "That guard? Why bother figuring out HER? She is basiclly nothing. So she knows our secrets so what, she'll be dead soon right? So forget about her already and start helping in KILLING her." he said as he walked away.

He doesn't get it. Avery knows that light trick and how our systems work, she could easily temper with them and cause another event like '87 or the murders. Though I doubt she would, for it may not benifit her plan or maybe in a way it would...No it's not. She would have done it sooner right? But then again she fixed our systems right in sight of us each time so we could see what she was doing so that means she doesn't want this place to close through a bad event. Or it's a trick. To get us to believe she is not doing anything wrong with us until it's too late when she does something bad. No I believe with all my heart that Avery is NOT out to harm us or the kids for as she said she has nothing against this place.

Avery confided in me that was indeed a magic-user so then in turn she told me she is a shape-shifter, making me right that she is Rave, that odd animatronic that flirted with me yesterday but now...I blush at the thought that it was Avery flirting with me. I shake my head clearing the pink clouds in my head and got back to figuring out the pizzeria's puzzle night guard. Time went by and it became 11:45PM and Avery arrived, she went to the parts and service room and got the tools, I knew all she needed to do was check us for nothing was broken today. She started with Foxy first, talking with him a little bit, then Freddy, Bonnie, and lastly me, she talked with us as she worked like what she just did with Foxy but when she was near me I smelled the scent of wielded metal and sweat again. Goldie appeared as she just finished.

"Hey Goldie. Changed your mind?" she asked with a slight smirk. "Yes." "Alright. Tell me what you want me to work on first then what do next." She got to work on fixing Goldie with him guiding her on what she work on first to last. When she was done the midnight toll rang. "No song tonight night guard?" Goldie said as he stood up, almost looking down at her. "Oh there's a song tonight Goldie, just waited till the toll." She starts to sing her little song for tonight with a smirk on her face. (Just Gold by Mandopony.) "Time for the main attraction. The story must be told. Time for a chain reaction, it never gets old. Some bots get satisfaction, breaking the mold. Some bot are just distractions, some bots are just gold" She sang as she grinned at me and let out Goldie's signagure laughter.

"I am not the bad guy, I'm just a bit surprising, it's not worth losing sleep, it's not worth analyzing." She sang while walking away from Goldie and her eyes turn into the same as Goldie's "There was a time, not long ago at all I was just like you...can you hear my call?" She sang while smiling. Just what is she planning? She continued to sing her little song while Goldie just watches her, growing angery like Bonnie and Freddy while Foxy seems a little confused. "You may say that I'm breaking your mind...In my opinion, you're much too kind. Time for the main attraction. The story must be told, time for a chain reaction. It never get's old. Some bots get satisfaction, breaking the mold. Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just Gold." Her eyes then turned blood red like ours do.

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