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I had walked the same path to the same apartment to meet up with the same boy who held the same mind-blowing secret, but still, even though I had memorised the path, it felt like walking on new territory. It was like I was walking somewhere never trod before and like this was a whole new experience just waiting for me to discover. Although, in a way it was; for now, Peter and I were closer than ever before. Holding onto one of his biggest secrets would do that to people.

We had sat there for more time than I could remember, him confessing mostly everything that had happened - most things I already knew, but other secrets and feelings he had not shared with anyone, according to him. It was awkward, at first, but he opened up, exactly how I needed him to. Soon he crawled home with quickly healing wounds and a relieved heart and I ran back to Inga with a pocket full of secrets.

It almost felt wrong, recounting all the things he had told me so bashfully - like I was committing a crime against the boy. However, I had done my best to erase those thoughts and move on, telling her everything in detail with a blank face. After all, it didn't matter what the boy thought or felt, as long as Inga was happy and I was to be recognised for what I would do. 

Whatever that meant, exactly.

"Hi," I smiled, slipping through the door as his beloved aunt ushered me in. "Is Pet-"

She nodded, cutting me off as if she already knew just what I was going to say. "He's in there, but, actually, can I ask you something?"

Immediately, my attempt at a happy mood went south, and I dug my broken nails into my palms in an attempt to hold up my innocent expression. Her words were hesitant and unsure, and I didn't like how her tone rose at the end; I hadn't much interest in anything she had to say to me, but that didn't make me feel but better. "Sure?"

"It's about Peter." Her words were nothing but obvious, and I fought the urge to reprimand her for such an idiotic statement already well-known. "Is he doing okay at school? Like, does he...does he seem okay? Is he acting any differently?"

I didn't speak right away, simply staring at the worn carpet and debating just what approach to take. This woman and I were not close in any way or means; I had only interacted with her through Peter, and that had been short and tense and enjoyable for nobody. On top of that, she appeared to me as nothing but a strange woman that irritated me through and through, especially after the debacle that had been that dinner. She had no idea about anything surrounding Peter, and I wasn't about to sing like a canary and share it.

"I don't know," was my mumbled save. My eyes were trained on the foot that toed the ground and my thoughts were solely on how to get out of this incredibly awkward and uncomfortable situation. "I mean, he seems okay...?"

She nodded, but the intense look in her eyes didn't fade - if anything, it only got stronger. "It's just that he hasn't seemed himself lately, and I thought you might know why? Considering you and him have been-"

"-May?" My saving grace came in the form of Peter, of all people, who emerged from around the corner looking confused and slightly pissed at his aunt. His hands flew out of his jean pockets as he gesticulated wildly in the air, almost literally grasping for the right words. "Aunt May, what - what's going on?"

Stepping away from the woman, who now was the one in the spotlight, I smiled at the boy. "Hi, Peter. She, um, just let me in - I just got here, is all."

The boy nodded, though not looking entirely convinced, and shrugged towards his room. He stepped a bit closer to May. "Should we go work?"

"Sounds good to me." As I scurried off, I shot a look back at the woman standing alone, who mouthed 'talk later' to me. I just inwardly rolled my eyes and pretended not to pick it up; talking later was not really something I was eager to include in today's schedule. Instead, I focused on hurrying to the boy's room and waiting for him to follow, only taking mere seconds after he mumbled something incoherent to his guardian.

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