16~The Old's mistake.

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He pulls away slowly, I open my eyes seeing him looking at me. For some odd reason, I miss how his lips felt on mines. I wrap my hands around his neck passing my hands through his wet hair, I look him in the eye, slamming my lips into his hungrily.


Dylan's POV

I open my eyes slowly as the sun beams through my room window, I try to turn around, but as I try to move my hand I notice someone is there. Marie-Anne. She lays there peacefully, her light snores filling in the quiet room. The memories of last night flash through my mind as I try to get up. Oh God, what did we do?

She slams her lips into mines. I want to tell her to stop, I want to pull away, or push her away. Why is she doing this? I don't mind, but I don't want her to do something she will regret later. "Marie-Anne," I whisper pulling my lips away from hers. I rest my forehead into hers staring into her light eyes.

"It's okay," she simply says. My body starts shaking because of the cold, she takes her warm hands putting it on one of my cheeks. Unable to resist the urge, I connect our lips.

I remove Marie-Anne's head from my arm getting up. I try to find something to cover my naked body, but there is nothing in sight. I shake my head when I remembered that there is no one in the room except Marie-Anne and she is sleeping. I walk to my closet getting a towel, I walk across the room opening the bathroom door slowly. I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror, thinking what I am going to tell Marie-Anne when she wakes up. Knowing her, she will be furious.

I brush my teeth and hop in the shower. I let the warm water run on my body enjoying every moment of it.

After what seems like a century I decide to get out of the shower drying my hair and body. I open the door quietly, Marie-Anne is still asleep, so I go in my closet grabbing something to wear. I put on a shirt and a pair of sweatpants on.

I exit the closet, taking the clothes from last night including Marie-Anne's to wash. I take one last look at her closing the door. I go to my laundry room putting the clothes in the washing machine. I then walk into the kitchen to make myself some breakfasts.

I grab some eggs from the fridge to make some pancakes and eggs.


Something falls from my room making me startle. "Hey, you're up?" I tell Marie-Anne as I enter my room. She is sitting with her legs pulled to her chest on the bed holding the sheets close to her body. She looks at me without saying anything, here comes the regret. "Okay," I say with a sigh when she still doesn't say anything.

"The bathroom's right there," I say pointing towards the bathroom door, "there is a new toothbrush on the counter for you," I tell her. She puts her head down on her knee completely ignoring me. "You can get a towel in my closet and any clothes you want, yours are in the washer." I finish. I close the room door leaving her to herself.

I go back into the kitchen sitting on one of the stools. We should have never done that. A kiss was enough, but sex that was just too much. I never have any problem having sex with a girl, so why do I feel so horrible now? I can already picture Marie-Anne saying it was a mistake, but I don't think it was. I mean we shouldn't have, but it wasn't a mistake. Everything happens for a reason whether we like it or not.

I pass my hands through my now dry hair for what seems like the hundredth time. I put my head down waiting for Marie-Anne to finish getting ready. The presence of someone else in the room makes me put my head up, Marie-Anne stands by the kitchen entrance staring at me. I chuckle to myself seeing her with my clothes, my shirt looks so big on her. "Hey," I tell her, but she still ignores me. The silent treatment, I see. "You want breakfast? I made your favorite pancakes and eggs," I tell her. She nods her head, a small smile appears on her face. "Come sit," I tell her pointing to one of the stools.

Without saying a word, she walks to the stools taking a seat. I get up grabbing her a plate, I put it in front of her. She stares at the food for a while, "I didn't poison it," I joke. She doesn't throw a smart comment back at me like she would usually do, instead, she takes the fork and slowly puts some eggs in her mouth.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" I ask. She chews down her food quitly.

"Because I've got nothing to say," She simply says back after swallowing down her food.

"Last night was..."

"A mistake," she says. "That will never happen again," she adds. I already knew that she was going to say that, so I don't take it to heart. I give her a small smile and watch her eat. "I think I was drunk, did you spike the drinks?" She asks.

"Wait, what?" I ask getting a little angry. I have no problem saying that it was a mistake, but this is just going too far. "You think I spiked your drink?" I ask.

"Yes," she says.

"Why can't you just admit that it was your love that pushed your desire?" I ask.

"Don't confuse lust and love, Dylan," she says getting up from the stool.

"Okay, let's go," I tell her grabbing her hand.

"Where are we going?" She asks trying to pull her hand away.

"I'm taking you home," I say taking my keys off the counter.

"Wait, what about my clothes and you're hurting me, Dylan," she says pulling her hand away.

"I'll bring them to your office on Monday, but right now you have to leave. It's either you walk home or I give you a ride, now you decide how you want to get home." I tell her putting my shoes on.

"Dylan!" She pleads.

"You gonna walk?" I ask pointing towards my door.

"No," she whispers, "we are an hour drive away from my condo," she says. "I just don't understand why are you doing this."

"Here," I say throwing her a jacket so she can put on and her phone bag. I open the door and walk to the parking lot where I left my car last night. I open my door sitting waiting for her to get in. She opens the passenger door getting in slowly.

"Dylan," she tries to start.

"Don't," I tell her raising my hands up. "You want to act like this was a mistake, then I will treat it like it was. When I get drunk and sleep with a girl, I don't let them use my bathroom, I don't cook them breakfast, and I certainly do not drive them home, now you better be happy I'm feeling generous today." I tell her.

I turn on the radio putting it on the highest volume, so she can get the hint that I don't want to talk to her.


Wow, that just happened. Just know, everything happens for a reason...

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Au Revoir...

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