The Purchase

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On August 10 we committed to buying a third horse. This was after I wrote out and presented my business plan to what would become my business partners, my parents. We had a very long discussion and after a few days of thought we committed.

On the 12th we went and picked her up. I was so excited on the whole drive out. I packed my trailer with halters, lead ropes, bedding, hay, and my carrot stick. I wanted to be well prepared for anything.

We arrived at her farm to meet her then owners to exchange money for a horse. While my mother wrote the check (I am paying for her though) I went to the round pen to collect my horse. She was very friendly and easy to catch just like when I had her for training.

When we got to the trailer I asked her just to look at it and when she did I rubbed her and told her she was a good girl. I grabbed my stick after that just so I could tap her for extra encouragement. The next time I pointed her at the trailer she offered to put her head in which got her more praise. We repeated this back and forth trying equals reward to where she was comfortably putting her two front feet in and backing out.

I ended up putting the rope through the window to give her a touch more support and leverage to encourage her getting in. After two more times of putting her front feet in and back out she went all the way in. I shut the door behind her and traded her lead rope for the trailer tie. She also received her hay and calmly ate it while we talked outside.

The whole ride home she rode really nicely and patiently waited in the trailer while I exchanged the trailer tie with a lead rope. She didn't rush to back out either.

When I got her to my pasture I went ahead and turned her out with Pepper and he came running and was nickering and talking to her the whole time. Got to love ex- studs and their love of mares.

Overall the sale went smoothly and so did her pick up. I'm very happy to welcome her to the Shgsunnerpep family!

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