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Five years ago...

Iñigo Miller Monteiro stood in front of his bedroom's full-length mirror. He was wearing a three-piece Armani tuxedo with a pair of Testoni Italian leather shoes, and a Rolex watch on his wrist. His dark brown hair was combed neatly on his head, emphasizing his striking chiseled facial features; strong jaw, well-sculpted nose, thin lips, and eyes a shade of blue-gray.

He clasped his hands together and rubbed them forcefully, a mannerism he couldn't avoid whenever he was anxious or nervous.

I can't do this. He thought, rocking his feet back and forth.

A knock alerted him from his reverie, making him temporarily forget his uneasiness.

"Come in." He shouted.

The door was opened slowly by his mother, Samantha Miller Monteiro. Despite being in her forties, she was still very slender and beautiful. Her blue figure-hugging shimmering gown and gold stilettos made her look ten years younger.

"Iñigo...You look so handsome!" His mother embraced him right away then fixed his bowtie.

"All mothers say that to their sons."

"Not me. Hmm...I'm sure all the girls in the party will be very envious of Chloe tonight." She smiled, studying his appearance.

She was so proud of him. At nineteen, Iñigo was extremely good-looking, tall with broad shoulders. His overall appearance was very appealing.

Aside from his looks, he was very well educated, a Harvard Engineering student, and highly intelligent. He portrayed confidence and motivation. He was also very adventurous, a thrill seeker and just like his father, so obsessed with fast cars.

"I don't feel like going to her party." Iñigo said and sat down on his bed.

"Why? Are you sick?" His mom touched his forehead then his neck.

"No, I'm not sick."

"Then, what's wrong? Tonight's party is very important for Chloe, it's her sixteenth birthday. You have to be there. She's your girlfriend."

"I know, Mom, you don't have to remind me all the time."

"Then, why? Did you quarrel?"


"You can tell me. I'm your mother."

He grinned at her then shook his head. "I can't."

His mom sighed. "Well, whatever it is, just set it aside for the moment. Come on, we have to go now. We don't want to be late. Your dad and your sisters are already waiting downstairs."

Iñigo nodded and stood up. He took his phone from the bedside table and pressed the home button. Then he saw the fifteen missed calls from Chloe.

The Monteiro family was already inside the limousine going to the Petrakis' New York mansion. They were invited to attend the sixteenth birthday celebration of Chloe Petrakis, daughter of Markos and Nina Petrakis.

The Petrakis and Monteiros were good friends. The families both came from Brazil and migrated to New York. They were involved in the same businesses. Instead of competing, they transacted business together and even merged some of their companies. They monopolized the supply of various consumer goods in the United States. Each family was tagged as one of the world's richest billionaires in Forbes magazine.

Iñigo's father, Lucas Monteiro, was caressing his wife's arm and kissing her cheek. "You look so beautiful, honey and that a new perfume?" He sniffed her neck.

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