Chapter 12

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3rd person's Pov.

Mahiru was walking home with his friends. They were Laughing and both teasing each other, somehow Mahiru felt relief that his friends was there to make his and kuro's day complete.

When they got home Kuro immediately sit on the couch and lay down as he buried his face in the pillow.

"How should I start to talk to him? What am I going to say? How would he react? how and what.... Ah... This is such a pain." Kuro thought. He keep on thinking and thinking there.

As for Mahiru he went to take a bath and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, he then went to the living room to call kuro that dinner is ready but he saw that kuro was burrying his face on a pillow, he tap kuro's shoulder.

"Kuro? Are you ok?" Mahiru ask.

"Hn" Kuro said as he look at his cute eve.

"Kuro, dinner is ready. Come on" Mahiru said with a smile.

Kuro was amazed and his face turn slightly re as he could see his cute eve. He can imagine that his eve was this cute. He then stand up and went to the dinning table and sit in his usual spot.

They eat peacefully, but kuro's eyes can't stop looking at his eve he keep on gazing and gazing him. After they eat kuro sat on the living room while playing his games while Mahiru was sitting in the couch.

Mahiru sigh and look at his servamp.

"Kuro?" He called.
"Hm.." Kuro reply without looking at his eve.
"Is there something wrong?" Mahiru ask.
"Nothing." Kuro reply.
"I know there is something you know. I kinda notice that. Recently you always look at me then look away its like your avoiding me. me?" Mahiru ask while looking down. He thought the kuro is avoiding him to the fact that he will leave him seens his just a weak human who is useless to the world.
Kuro was shock and literary can't believe his ears on what he heard. Kuro approach Mahiru, his now sitting infront of mahiru. "Mah-Mahiru, Ca-Can you say the last part? Ca-can you repeat your question?"  Kuro shattered.

Mahiru take a deep breath and out, he cover his eyes with his hair hidding the hurtfull and teary eyes. "Are you planning to leave me?" Mahiru softly ask kuro.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kuro almost yelled but at the sametime its his monotone voice.

"Well, recently your avoiding me... and..." Mahiru look away knowing that kuro is so close. His eyes still sadness knowing kuro is gonna leave him.

"Why did you think that way? ,You know I won't leave you right? You know you change my life, you made me happy even though your kinda annoying. You change my life to the fact that you save me from the darkness of my life, you made my heart smile and it ended up that I lik- no I love you." Kuro said.

Mahiru blink once, twice then trice. He couldn't believe his ears on what the hell he did heard. Then a tear came from his eyes unconsciously, "Mahiru?" Kuro ask worriedly. Then Mahiru smile at kuro. "Thank you kuro, Here I thought you might leave me." Mahiru said.

Kuro then hug Mahiru, "don't say that I won't leave you seens you are my world. I love you Mahiru." Kuro said as he broke the hug.

"I love you too kuro." Mahiru said, kuro smile. He lift mahiru chin and lean for a gentle kiss. Its last long enough to make both boys calm.

Kuro then drag Mahiru to the bed, he then cuddle mahiru and kiss his forehead. "Mahiru you need to sleep, your tired and its very late." Kuro said but Mahiru already sleeping. "His cute, aw... Good night Mahiru." Kuro said as he also drift off to sleep.


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