Leonis, 1:1, 2:12 - Part 0 - Dandelions and Danger

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"Whoa!" Parker found himself dancing a ballet with death by tip-toeing on the edge of a large ravine. Had he appeared only a centimeter forward, he would have been tumbling down the side of a rocky wall to his possible death. 

            A handful of pebbles from beneath Parker's leather-soled shoes fell forward and pattered down the vertical surface of the cliff as he slowly backed away to safety. Allowing his body to fall backwards, Parker landed joyfully on his rear in a bed of soft dandelions, weeds, and grass. He laughed as he lay back watching the dandelion petals float around him, carried on the sweet morning breeze.

            Truthfully, he had no idea where he was and he didn't care at the moment. He was somewhere else, and that was all that mattered. He examined the grass next to his face. "Maybe the grass is greener on the other side sometimes?"

            "What the hell!?!!" Parker exclaimed as he felt a sudden gust of dusty air wash over him, followed by someone's distressed voice echoing across the valley. He quickly sat upright. That's when he noticed another man, one in a dark black suit, standing with his back to him and looking over the edge of the cliff. He slowly turned at Parker's outburst. His eyes were solid black.

            "Oh, come on!" Parker shouted and scrambled to his feet. "Not you Negexis assholes again!"

            The dark-eyed man approached Parker, his face empty of expression. "This operation has failed. You must return with me, now. I am Agent Seven-Four-Two (742), Parker Raymond, and you will accompany me to stand before Emperor Geniel in judgement."

            "Like hell!" Parker said, backing away from the well-dressed menace.

            The Negexis agent removed a strange energy pistol from his coat.

            "You must be one of the dumb ones...if you kill me you'll never get whatever you think I have," Parker said, his right hand digging for  the knife he kept in his bag.

            "This will not kill you, Parker Raymond...only stun you."


            Parker and the agent turned to find a massive, nearly three meter tall, black bear standing upright and looming over them. It opened its mouth once more and bellowed, hot breath and saliva ejected from the tooth-lined opening. The activity shook Parker to the core.

            The agent fired his energy pistol at the beast to no avail.

            The bear roared once more, lowered his broad head, and placing all four claw-equipped paws on the ground, charged...

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