Inside Jokes

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What does this mean?

When you're new to the fandom, you may not understand everything that's being said. I'll explain just about every inside joke in the 1D fandom!

Vas Happenin'?

This is one of the most famous directioner things out there! "Vas Happenin'?!" is kind of like Zayn's trademark. He says it in various Video Diaries.

Carrots & Lamborghinis & Rolex Watches?!

This one is kind of getting old, but is vital to know - carrots. Back when the boys made X-Factor Video Diaries, (Search them up on YouTube!) Louis said the following: "I like girls who... eat carrots." Those were probably his 6 most regretted words. Fans dress up as carrots, draw carrots for him, and make carrot jokes all the time. What about the Lamborghinis? In a following video diary, Lou talked about how he'd expressed his love for girls who had a taste in carrots. He then said: "I also have a taste in girls who like lamborghinis." The other boys chimed in suggesting Rolex Watches as well.


LH2BH, what a directioner lives by. What does it mean? Live Hardcore to be Hardcore. Liam said this at a signing.

Pat the Dog Screw the Lightbulb

Yet again, Lou started this one! It is a dance move he's seen doing in various videos. It is done by patting the air like a dog, and then pretending to screw a lightbulb.

Stop the Traffic Let the People Through

Another Louis dance move! This one's done by putting your hand out as if telling somebody to stop. Then outstretch your other arm to the opposite side, and move your hand like you are letting traffic through.

The Inbetweeners Dance

INBETWEENERS DANCE GO! When you hear that, hold your hands together as if you are praying (fingers between other fingers), with your elbows aligned to where they appear to make an upside-down V. Then slightly move one elbow at a time in a direction twice, the other in the other direction twice. (Sorry I'm terrible at explaining! Watch the One Thing music video or google it, I'm sure you can find it and learn it.)

Yeah Buddie!

Niall loves to say this. He tweets it, too. It just means yes.

What's the craic?

(Pronounced like crack). This basically means "what's up?" or "what's going on?"

How Many R's are there?

This is usually a question that lots of directioners test other directioner's knowledge with. It started in Harry and Louis's twitcam they did a long time ago. They prank called a man, and Lou said his name was Terrrrrrance. There are 6 R's! This is why you sometimes see One Direction spelt with 6 r's.

No! Jimmy Protested

Also starting in the X-Factor Diaries, Louis was silently reading a book by Elton John, and suddenly screamed what he read, "NO, JIMMY PROTESTED!"

What's with all the pussy talk?

Ah, Harry - the ladie's man. In an interview with Alan Carr, he told the story that changed Directioners forever. It went something like this: Harry and his friend were thinking about what to get his friend's mom for her birthday. She loved cats. So they had the idea to get her lots of cats or cat things. Harry said, "Think how much pussy you're gonna get." He told about how he was grounded for a week.


If I missed any important ones, or get anything wrong, please let me know! Thanks for reading. x

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