The Book

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Dear Mr./ Ms. Reader:

You got a new one to replace me.

Stored in box, old and dusty.

This is now where I belong.

After using me for so long.

Please, don't get me wrong.

 Remember the day you received me?

The first time you read me, completely?

It was your first day in school, right?

Bedtime stories every night.

Holding me dearly and tight.

 More than just a literature.

Uphold your wisdom for future.

To educate was my toughest mission.

To let you live in deep imagination.

That would made you whole, as a person.

My body, the pages, are soft and thick.

Day by day, getting old, getting weak.

I have a life, don't you think?

So much pain cause me sicked.

Everything gone fast, just as wink.

Read me from time to time.

Hopeless, there's no more rhymes.

Lead you by the magic of your eyes.

Take you wherever am I.

Reading can't ever tell a lie.

Fly with the power of your dreams.

Soar high more over to extreme.

Nothing in this world can stop you.

Read me, learn a lesson or two.

To value life, more than you knew.

Goodbye in a happy tone.

Visit me in library, my home.

Before this poem ends with a title.

Thanks to this wonderful writer.

He interprets what I feel.

Talented and clever.


Your Old Book

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