Nano Bytes - A Collection of Short SciFi Stories

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Welcome to Nano Bytes, a collection of short science-fiction stories written by Wattpadders who love their science fiction as much as we do. It aims to celebrate the diversity of the genre—whether in sub-genre, length, or style—so if you like SteamPunk or CyberPunk, Space Opera or Dystopian, FanFiction or plain old drabbles, we know you'll find something in here to enjoy!

The collection is arranged in alphabetical order by Wattpad username. If you want to see your story included here, you can submit it to us by email:

Stories must, except in rare cases, be 5000 words or less. You can have the story both here and on your profile—in fact, we encourage it. If your story is included here, we'll dedicate it to you so readers can easily find more of your stories if they so desire.

We want to see science fiction that's different, fun, intriguing, or all of the above. But it does need to tell a great story and be grammatically correct, too. If stories lack the required polish, we reserve the right to deny.

Come one, come all. If you're new to science fiction, why not try your hand? You might just find you like it. And if you're an old horse to this kind of race, jump on in and throw a submission our way.

And perhaps most importantly, welcome to Nano Bytes!

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