Chapter 22

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He waited until she was inside her door; she never looked back at him but that was fine with Harry; she was the type of woman a man could appreciate from the back as much as the front. He stepped out of his car and walked to the end of her block, dialing a number on his phone as he went.

"Yeah man?"

"I'm here, where are you?"

He waited for a response from the other end of the phone, but instead felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned quickly and stepped back, away from the hooded figure. It was draped completely in black and it's face obstructed from view not only by the hood it wore but also the fact that it lingered in the shadows. As Harry backed in the light cast by a street lamp the figure advanced and as it find so it removed its hood. He let out a breath he didn't remember taking and rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Ay man, you can't get mad at me just cause I'm good at what I do. You good?" Zayn chuckled to himself and nudged Harry with his elbow as the two headed down the streets, alone in the dark. "Let me know if you're too shook up for this."

"Too shook up? Fuck you, ok? Far as I can see all you want me to do is drive you to the bloke's house and wait outside like some sort of fucking chauffeur."

"And your plan was better? Climbing through the window and mucking about whilst I distract Wolfie with my witty ways and deep conversational skills?"

"Whilst? Did you really just say whilst?"

He looked over at the Bradford boy with his thick accent and rudeboy cadence, and gave him an incredulous and amused smirk. Zayn set his jaw and shook his head a bit.

"Ay look, shove it up your ass alright; fuck you." Harry chuckled as Zayn tried to suppress his embarrassed smile. "Don't get nothing twisted; I ain't no wasteman, that's nothing but my old lady and her proper english; that's her lingo, she's a classy broad, so she talks like that not me. Get me?"

"Yeah, I understood most of that sentence, I think...which indicates to me just how far away I've gotten from the way my mother raised me..."

He spoke as he lit up a cigarette, and Zayn took his turn to look skeptical and amused by the other man's words.

"Surely that's not the first indication you got of that."

The two spoke of their simple plan as they drove to Shoreditch in a car Zayn managed to borrow from a friend for the night.

"So I sit outside and wait for you to do what exactly?"

"Listen well man, I ain't repeatin' myself again. You park the car two blocks away from his residence and we take the alley ways up in the dark, I go up to speak the fella while you scope out the best way for you to get in and out of the buildin'. Before I go in I'll set you up with a vantage point, where you can see the whole building from and what not ya get me? And while I'm in there I'll fish whatever I can out of Payne, he gets to be a right chatty motherfucker when he's around me, suppose I just got one of them faces or whatever. Anyway, sounds like a plan innit?"

Harry glanced over at the man in the passengers seat and chuckled as he rolled his eyes.


"You check out the buildin' tonight and then we'll proceed from there, I'll try to figure out when he'll be away so we can get you in there to do what ever you need to do."


It was a great plan, well thought out and smart, for Harry knew it would be rash and reckless to break in to Liam's apartment, especially with no idea what he was looking for, while he was there. If he was alone he would be willing to take the chance, but he'd promised her he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize Zayn.

As he leaned against the wall of a building in an alley directly across the street from the building where Liam lived he took in the sight. There were many windows but no fire escapes or ladders to climb, and no conveniently placed objects in the alley adjacent to it either and so Harry knew he would have to go in through a door, either the front or the back, and make his way up to Liam's flat which he was certain was at the very top of the seven story building. Drug dealers seemed keen on top floor apartments, Harry didn't quite understand why but he also didn't give it much thought. He contemplated the idea of picking the lock to Liam's front door and considered it a welcome challenge, he also doubted that it would be difficult to get into the Young Wolf's apartment, since no one was supposed to know exactly who he was or where he lived. As they rode back Zayn confirmed this for him.

"You'll be able to get in and out no problem ya get me; it's a lonely life he leads, far as I can tell he ain't got no cameras or nothing like that. He wants nothing that might be viewed as suspicious or incriminatin' get me?"

Harry nodded and glanced at Zayn who's demeanor was more sullen than before.

"What did he want with you?"

"Nothing too much, just wants me back workin for him doin' what I do...something about the bloke just rubs me the wrong way. And he's gearin up for war with them Turks you know...he's got an idea he has a right to whatever parts of London he wants, and I suppose he's got as much right to shoot as anyone else but it's goin to get nasty real quick. It would get so wit anyone but put them Turks in the equation and it's on a different level. He's clueless to the game tho, in over his head and all that..."

"You sound concerned."

"I don't give a fuck about him."

"Good cause I need your help."

"Make no mistake I don't give a fuck about you neither. No offense but I don't know you, we have a common enemy is all...he brought this world to my woman's door, that won't slide."

"It shouldn't."

"By the way I brought you a souvenir." He pulled out two small bags of light brown powder, stamped with the tiny image of a growling wolf. "One for you and one for your boss."

Harry parked the car and took the drugs, pocketing them as he got out. He was curious to know if the hype about the purity of Liam's drugs was true, sure he'd been shooting it up and buying it from dealers for months now, but that was after they'd tampered with it, cutting it with other cheaper substances to make it go farther for more money. This was pure, direct from the source, and Harry immediately got the answer to his question as he snorted a little on his walk back to his car: the hype was true, the drugs were potent and so much more.

He sat on the curb with his gear and shot up, the drugs brought him to bliss almost immediately. It had been so long since he felt that high, the high that was like it had been when he first started, before his body had become so used to it all and had numbed a bit to the euphoria of his beloved. Now he remembered why he would go to such lengths to chase her, because she was better than anything else he'd ever had at making him forget everything. She was beautiful and warm; when she was good she was great and when she was perfect she was amazing.

She was perfect at the moment. He laid back on the pavement in front of his car and looked up at the sky, still dark and full of stars. They were close to him, shining big and bright in his eyes and he reached a hand up towards them, touching them as far as he could tell. He smiled and but it faded away as his attention shifted from the beautiful sight to take in another, much more bizarre and far less beautiful.

Rounded muscular men, four in total dressed in cheap looking suits and black polyester t-shirts, approached from across the street and now stood over him. He was too far gone to react properly as they yanked him up from the ground by his arms and legs, carrying him down the dark and deserted road by his limbs. He was too weak to even try to stop them, he simply hung limply between them and looked at the ground, giggling as he thought of childhood games that put  him in almost this exact position; one friend would hold his legs, another his arms, and they'd swing him back and forth or limbo underneath him. It was fun; pure childhood amusement and Harry thought fondly of it as these men, burly and quiet, carried him down High Road.

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