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Perhaps finding out information is not always the nicest thing to happen

Shortly into their descent of what felt like a never ending corridor, the pair stumbled across a statue. It was made out of cast iron and appeared to be a shadowhunter holding a cup. The statue might have been considered beautiful if it did not hold such a dark aura in Evie's eyes. She could sense something wasn't quite right about it.

Upon closer inspection Evie could gather the cup in the statue's hand was a representation of the mortal cup. It was a dark thing. Knowing it could do terrible things made it appear terrible. It was also terrifying that something so simple in appearance could destroy the world as everyone knows it killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process. Knowing this information only made Evie want to find out the information kept from her more. Whatever she was meant to know could potentially help save lives. That was the one thing she wanted to do. Perhaps helping to save so many lives would make up for all the mistakes and the lives she failed to save previously in her life.

There was a saying etched on the statue. It was in Latin a language Evie had never learnt. It was a dead language barely ever spoken so he hadn't taken the time to learn the language. She looked up towards Jace who took it in his stride to translate for the girl.

"Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies" Evie knew it was not true laughing at the bogus translation. 
"So my Latin knowledge is none existent but I can tell your bluffing"
"For Shadowhunters, the descent into hell is easy"

Jace went onto explain his family to Evie. She attempted to listen feeling that the boy needed a chance to get it off her chest. She also felt guilty on her sister's behalf for so brutely bringing up the circumstances. Noone should be forced to relive through harsh events if they are not ready. 

The pair continued to talk as they walked down the corridor. The place felt like a never ending path that Evie was stuck on. She had no option to continue down as there were so many people relying on her and what she was doing. She did not want to disappoint anyone especially the new friends she was making. The girl did not get that many opportunities to make friends as her reclusive atmosphere tended to send people away. It wasn't that she didn't like talking it was just that there was always way too many thoughts flying through her head at once that she often forgot to talk or focused on the thoughts instead of the people around her. It was a flaw that also worked as a blessing allowing her to figure out things about the people around her before they had told her or obviously given it away. It would have made her a brilliant police officer. Yet this dream had been tarnished just as it had begun.

At the end of the corridor was a circle. Around the circle stood several figures in cloaks. From what she could make out the cloaks were a maroon colour and the people in them were seriously disfigured. Using her limited eyesight she could not make out any eyes and where their mouths were supposed to be rough stitches which had never been taken out. For these powers, it had appeared that the silent brothers had given everything else up. 

"Step away Jace Wayland. The search of your unconscious is a perilous one" Evie looked towards Jace to which she was met with a nod. A silent mark of support. 
"I understand the potential outcomes, but my memory has been blocked and I would like to retrieve whatever you can get back"
"If you are not strong enough the Soul-sword will kill you"
"If so bring it on"

Evie was pulled back into a memory.She could not have been much older than eight or nine years old. She stood outside the kitchen door with her sister by her side. The younger form of herself held Clary's hand in comfort as her mother and Luke talked.
"What if they both find out on their own that Valentine is their father? What do we do then."

That was when the memory stopped. Evie held herself together hoping that something else would be shown. The glimpse into her past made it so that she wanted to see more. Only one more memory was shown to her.

She sat with her mother late one night. Her mother was brushing Evie's hair and humming at the same time. Evie was up as she couldn't sleep after a run in with what she knew now was a demon. The 10-year-old Evie assumed it was a monster. Her mother had saved her life but Evie had almost lost her own. It was then decided that she would receive an additional memory wipe and would then undergo training to protect herself as the younger girl appeared to be a magnet to demons. 

Evie had jolted back to her own body shortly afterwards with the Silent Brothers walking away. The brothers had declared it to be over as Evie's memories had been completely wiped other than what they had regained. The only evidence of them having done their duty was that there was a small trail of blood running down the youngest Fray's face, having exited from her nose.

Jace turned to the younger Fray sibling with a hopeful look. A look which was to encourage her to tell him exactly what she saw. Rather than responding to the boy, she moved past him and back in the direction where they came from. 

Thoughts spiralled in Evie's head. She was the youngest daughter of the monster. The monster which if possible would destroy both the shadow world and the mundane world. Purely by association, she was a monster. She was evil and something that should be stopped. She should turn herself in a leave the shadow world ridding them of something so bad. What those girls had said in school were true. She purely was a monster. Maybe they were looking past her sexuality back then able to see the true monster within. 

She soon found herself outside the entrance where they had been barely an hour ago. She flung herself at her elder sister wishing for the familiar sense of comfort that came from being around her sister. She pulled her sister away from everyone else not willing to have anyone else listen in on their conversation. 

"Clary, the only thing I found out was that Valentine is our father. We're the daughters of a monster"

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