?Cupcakes and Baths?

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Hey beautiful readers!! Just for you this is my first official story. Mercy pls!! You are a small 5 years old btw. Enjoy~💖
  Your name is Y/n. You are currently running from a certain Cheshire-smiled giant named Jeff. He chasing you all around the mansion to take the worst thing ever. A bath. Your cute little behind got covered head-to-toe in cupcake batter and icing.

*5 hours earlier ~*

"Jeff!" you said cutely.

"What?" he grunted. He and BEN are playing Call of Duty: World War II on the couch in the living room. BEN was obviously winning and Jeff was getting more pissed by the second. Poor Jeffy~ (*dodges a knife* :P)
"Can you make cupcakes with me, pwease?"

"I'm busy."

"No you're not!"

"Don't fucking start, Y/n!"

  You started tear up and sniff. You turned turned to look at BEN and give him your best puppy eyes. You knew he would fall for it.

"BENNY!" you cried.

  He glanced at you and sighed.
"Jeff, just bake some damn cupcakes with her. You are never gonna win anyway."
  Jeff turned toward BEN with a murderous aura surrounding him. You ran behind the back of the couch. Shit was about to go down.

"The fuck you say, pipsqueak?" he snarled.

"You deaf, Cheshire?" BEN growled.

"At least I'm not a dressed up wannabe elf!"

"Says the monster mash-up of Joker and Barney!"

  They glared at each other, ready to rip the other person apart. You watched the exchange and huffed in annoyance. You just want to make cupcakes with Jeff! Was that too much to ask?! Before you could say anything, Jeff pulled out a knife and started slashing at BEN. BEN then tackled Jeff to the floor and kicked his knife away. You walked away when they started punching each other.

Looks like I haveta force them to listen, you thought. And you knew exactly who would help you. You walked down a hallway until you reached a pair of large white doors. You reached toward the handle and opened the door. You looked around until you spotted a very tall pale man dressed like a businessman at a desk. He looked up once he noticed your presence.

"Y/n? Is there something wrong, child?" He asked.

"Slendy, Jeffy doesn't want to make cupcakes with me! Now he's fighting with BENNY and they're saying vwery bad words to each other!" you cried, pouting your cute little cheeks.

"*sigh* Alright, child. Come with me."

"Okay, papa."
He looked at you for a moment and stood from his seat. He grabbed your hand and teleported to the living room. Jeff and BEN were still fighting, but this time with weapons out. Slenderman's face turned red at the sight. His tentacles slithered out and two of them smacked both boys on their heads. They fell on the floor, groaning.


"Ouch! What the FUCK, Slender!"


"Profanity, Jeffery."

"Son of a-"

"You better shut it." BEN snickered.


"Goddammit!!" he yelped.

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