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★ ★ Shocking scenes ★  ★

I write pure fiction. This means, my characters may be innocent, twisted or heck even an evil vampire who falls in love (keyword evil), could be anything. The point is, it's all fiction. Although, I try to make them as realistic as possible. And in regards to White As Snow, believe it or not, the average teenager these days are very hormonal as hell.

★ ★ What made you write White As Snow? ★ ★  

White As Snow was originally inspired by snow white. This was back in 2012 (my first edition) and it was during the Watty Awards. It was during December and I really wanted to write something based on that month. So the plot became inspired by Snow White but changed and twisted into a 21st-century lesbian love story. Instead of a prince saving a princess from an evil stepmother and a poisoned apple, it's a rich isolated lonely girl and her saviour the unexpected cheerleader. Now, there may not be any magical apple in this book but this is the 21st century where we know how bad things can get even without magical help.

★ ★ WHITE AS SNOW BOOK 2 ★ ★  

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Physical copies coming soon.


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PS: Don't worry, my wattpad stories will never be removed from here: @claydynraita 

PS: Don't worry, my wattpad stories will never be removed from here: @claydynraita 


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