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She felt empty on the inside 

Getting ready inside of Isabelle's room was something different altogether. The girl had a wardrobe that could match that of a supermodel. Each piece of clothing showed some form of skin when in an outfit. Evie was far beyond jealous as she had never owned this many nice pieces of clothing. If she was staying at the Institute permanently she was looking forward to the massive shopping trip she would have to go on. 

Clary had a dress on chosen by Isabelle who had no faith in Clary's choice of outfit. They started a conversation whilst Evie flicked through the shelves.

"Is this the least revealing thing you have?"

"What? All the naughty bits are covered. A little too much in my opinion" 

"You know Clar-Bear, Isabelle's right you could do with showing a bit more skin. It might help you pull a lad. You know you could do with a decent lad."
"Eve, I do love you but shouldn't you focus more on your own love life than mine?"
"Why should I do that when you love life is way more interesting"

Evie slipped into the bathroom whilst Isabelle and Clary continued their conversation. She pulled on a maroon coloured crop top that had mesh panelling around the top and embroidery along the front. She paired this with a pair of high waisted belted black trousers. With this outfit, she slipped on a pair of fishnet socks and black brogues. Brushing her ginger hair into a deep side part she french braided a section adding silver charms all the way down. She wore a maroon chocker and concealed her knives by strapping two to each calf and leaving one behind.

She walked out as Isabelle was about to start her pep talk. This was going to be interesting as from what Evie had observed pep talks were not something that they were done. 

"And now is this is the part where I give you the pep talk about harnessing your inner Shadowhunter and accepting your true destiny?" And like that the attempt at a pep talk was over. It was cute and all but nothing quite what Clary was expecting. Evie just smiled as they walked out of Isabelle's room and into the training room where luckily all of the weapons were held. 

Evie found herself marvelling all of the many different weapons which were available to take. These weapons ranged from knives like her own to swords and bow with a multitude of different arrows. If someone wanted to kill her in the institute it would take hours of processing to find out which one of the weapons and the replicates of each weapon. An evil person's heaven. 

"They're sending Seelie scouts to search for Valentine, but they made it clear, the little girls do not leave the premises." Alec could be a joy sometimes. Evie and Clary spoke at the same time.
"Hey, I'm not that little, I'm 5'8", "Hey, my name is not 'little girl', okay? I don't care what that Clave thing or you want, I'm going to find Dot"

Everyone began to argue after that. Evie was never one for arguments especially when they could easily be avoided if everyone calmed down. This was one of those occasions which could probably be solved if everyone took a moment out, especially Clary. Evie loved her sister with all of her heart but Clary had a quick temper and a righteous attitude which did not mix very well.

Towards the end of the argument, the necklace that Clary's mother had provided her began to shine. Clary's face fell void of any emotion almost as if her conscious being had been drawn away somewhere else. "I think I know where Dot it"

The six young adults piled into Simon's van after discovering that there was no such thing as a Shadowhunter Mobile. This greatly disappointed Evie as having a Shadowhunter Mobile would have been brilliant. It would make her feel like Robin a true sidekick in stopping crime. Why Robin. Simple, Evie never viewed herself as the most important person in the story. That would always be Clary...

Evie's disappointment only grew when the lead on Dot turned out empty. They were all planning to return back. If anything Evie liked that idea. She had begun to feel hungry and was anticipating going back and having something to eat even if she had to make the food herself.

"Who are the Silent Brothers?"
"They're shadowhunters with superior powers. Who possess the ability to recover memories"
"A process that can also kill you, so there's that"

The three long term shadowhunters seemed fearful of the Silent Brothers. Although Evie remained quiet in the debate whether or not to go to the silent brothers she knew for certain that she would be willing to go through the process of recovering her memories. 

Today's date had been a harsh reminder of everything that she had lost recently. The tattoo inked on her upper forearm also did not allow her to forget the date. The Roman numerals for the date a month ago were a permanent reminder of her past. A reminder of life and that nothing quite seems to go okay. She had put it down to the bad luck that seemed to follow her. 

The six approached what seemed to be a large building with intricate decorations on the outside. It seemed out of place and very gothic. Fitting what seemed to be the shadowhunters aesthetic. It was then that Jace shared the information which he could have shared beforehand.

"Only one of you can go inside"

"I'll do it" Evie jumped in before Clary even had the option. The two lightwoods turned to the younger girl shocked. She did not seem like much of a talker with this being the first thing she had said since they had left the Institute.

"I won't let you, Eve, I'm the older sister so it should be me going. Especially as there is a chance of death."

"A chance of death right. Perhaps I could see Gret that way. Clar, I miss her so much. Please let me go. Clar, I'm begging you." Evie's voice broke as she spoke unshed tears gathering as she held her elder sisters hand in her own. The two sisters held a lasting look communicating with their eyes only. "I love you"

Clary shook her head towards Simon as she watched her younger sister and Jace walk inside the building. 

Jace walked beside the younger Fray sister. He hadn't until this moment had much of a chance to speak to the younger girl. He knew next to nothing about her other than her name and relations. He took this moment to study the girl. She was much taller than her sister though shared the same contrasting red hair. She walked differently to her sister as well. Clary walked the same way as she acted as though she was in charge. Evie was much different, she walked as though she was hyper-aware of her surroundings as though she was one with the world. 

He activated the witch light and looked at the girls intrigued face. "It's a witch light. We carry it to remind us that that light can be found in even the darkest of places." 

"That's pretty cool and I'm sure you just quoted Professor Dumbledore."

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