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George finally found his way back to Ace's and stepped through the unlocked door.

" You guys should really lock this thing when you come in, " he murmured to the men standing at the breakfast bar.

" Where were you last night? " Ace growled as he came over and gripped George's jean jacket.

George rolled his eyes and shook himself free of his friend.

" I did some rounds with Matty...we came back and gave you the rest of the drugs and then I went to Matty's, " George murmured, discreetely hiding the fact that he did coke.

Ace stared at him suspiciously.

" Eat...I made food, " He said too nicely.

" I'm not hungry, " George replied.

" Oh really? I wonder why, " Ace replied with a scowl.

The older man ran upstairs and into his room, slamming his door shut.

" I had a bagel already! " George yelled up the stairs.

George grumbled and looked towards Ross and Adam.

" You guys fight like a couple, " Ross said with a snicker.

" I wouldn't fuck him if my life depended on it. " George grumbled back, putting a pancake on his plate and dousing it in golden syrup.

The three laughed softly and ate a bit. George then decided that he really wanted an apartment of his own.

" I think I want an apartment, " he voiced to the group of 'friends' surrounding the table.

" We can help you look for one online, " Adam whispered in a soft voice.

He nodded gratefully towards the quieter of the two and continued to eat the pancake. His mind raced as he thought of the strange man at Matty's door this morning.

Ace eventually came downstairs long after Adam and Ross had left for home. George was doing dishes with a strange look on his face.

" Ello..." Ace mumbled under his breath.

George grunted in reply and dried his hand on a towel. Ace bit his lip as he thought about how to apologize for his earlier behavior.

" You don't need to...apologize that is. I could tell by the look on your face that you're sorry " George murmured at the man.

Tears filled Ace's eyes as he sniffled.

" I-I didn't mean t- "

George stopped him, giving him a big hug and patting his back.

" I said its fine love, " George murmured, a small smile playing on his lips.

Ace choked out a sob and clung to the boy.

" I just worry so much about you after your mum.. " Ace murmurex.

George froze up at the mention of his mum. Memories of blood splatters and holes in the wall flodded his mind.

" Yeah... " he simply replied, trying to ignore the screams and cries in his mind.

" Are you okay Georgie? " Ace asked worriedly.

George couldn't reply. All he could do was listen to his own screams playing on repeat in his mind.

" George? "

Everything went black.

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