Chapter Four


 What? Harry? What do you mean?


 Just like I said, you’re a good dancer.


Were you just watching one of my music videos then?


Nah, you were pretty drunk last night though.


WHAT? What did I do? Oh god.


You were just drunk and dancing your heart out. Oh and you started to grind on me when Niall pulled me out on the floor. Haha


Oh FUCK. I’m so sorry Harry! I didn’t mean to!


I’m not usually that upfront with people.


It’s not biggie Louis. It was actually pretty hot. ;)


It gave me a pretty good estimate. Haha.


Oh? Hot? Estimate of what styles?


I have to go. Radio interview in 5 minutes, going to listen?


Yeah. I told you I liked your dancing. Just an estimate of what you’re hiding down there. ;)


I’m already listening.

            Louis laughed out loud, blushing bright red. Of course the horny sixteen year old would bring that up. The thought of himself grinding against Harry brought more dirty thoughts to his mind, but Louis couldn’t focus on him, or what happened last night right now, he had an interview in about a minute.

            “We have a very special guest in the studio with us today; Louis Tomlinson. How are you today lad?”

            “I’m pretty good. Excited to be here.” Louis spoke into the microphone placed in front of him.

            “You’re coming out with a new album soon, correct?” The DJ asked, holding up a copy.

            “Yeah. It’s coming out this month, I’m actually headed to America soon to promote it.” Louis let the information slip before he could stop himself.

            “Oh? Are you excited to go? Have you ever been there before?” The DJ questioned the boy across from him.

            “Yeah. It’llbe interesting, I’ve been there once with my family.” Louis smiled at the thought of the vacation.

            “Well we were just checking our twitter page, and it seems that the fans want to play twenty questions with you. What do you think Louis? You up to answering some of these absurd questions?” The producer asked, holding up the iPad in her lap.

            “Sure. Why not? Sounds fun.” Louis grabbed the iPad and scrolled through the questions, he spotted a pretty funny one.

            “What’s your favorite dinosaur?” Louis read the tweet aloud, laughing.

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