The Dinner

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Hey guys! Maybe after you read this book, you can read some of my other books! I write a lot of books on here (26 so far) so I think maybe you'll like my books! Here's some suggestions:

Brooke Merelle Series: The Brooke Merelle Series has 7 books in the series. It's about a young girl going through junior high all the way up to high school. She used to live in a small town until she moved to a huge city during 6th grade.

Brooke Merelle Adulthood: These books are connected to the Brooke Merelle series, but aren't actually in the Series. This is about Brooke when she's all grown up. I'm on the 1st book right now, but I have planned the whole book so you might like it!

5 Million Lies: This story is about a girl that's been lied to her whole life. About her name, age, DOB, everything. Even who her parents were!

Those are the suggestions! Thank you!

From Emily😜


I went downstairs to eat some dinner. My Aunt was cooking. She made some steak. Jack set up the plates and silverware.

Joshua helped their mom cook. Apparently they knew how to cook. Jason was going to wash the dishes. Those were their chores.

I had to do a chore to: clean the dinner table after we were done. I hate chores. Dad and I never did them. That's a reason mom left.

We sat at the dinner table and ate and talked. Joshua stared at me while I ate like a boy, not using a fork or anything. That's how Dad taught me.

While my Aunt told me how to really eat it, the boys laughed a little bit. I didn't care what they thought. I'll deal with them after dinner.

Jason started talking. "Hey Hazel?"

"What do you want?"

He looked at me surprised. He thought I used manners and was nice? Ha, he wishes.

"Can you please pass the gravy?"

I picked up the bowl of gravy. I dumped it all over his head. The other boys laughed. I poured some orange juice on them. My Aunt was furious. The boys poured peas on me. I hate peas.

It was fun until my Aunt made us all clean up. Ugh stupid Aunt. She doesn't know what fun is.

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