Part 108*

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Shravan and Sumo were lying in the bed resting together. Shravan had his fingers tangling in Sumo's hair as she lay on top of his chest.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: (with his eyes closed) Hummm?

Sumo: Where are we going for our honeymoon?

Shravan: (smirking) I already told you, it's a surprise!

Sumo: (pouting) But I need to pack! How do I pack if I don't even know where we are going? What kinds of clothes do I need? Will it be hot? Will it be cold? What should I bring??

Shravan: (grinning) Someone's a little exited?!

Sumo: (whacking his chest) Stop it! You're acting as if you aren't excited at all!!

Shravan: Oh I'm excited alright! (grinning)

Sumo: So tell me! (pouting)

Shravan: Nope! You'll find out when we get to the airport tomorrow night! Our flight takes off in the evening!

Sumo: (sitting up) WHAT?! But I haven't even packed anything!!

Shravan: Don't worry Jaan. I have everything taken care of! I got you all of the clothes that you need and I'll have your bags packed and ready by tonight! All you need to do is sit back and relax!

Sumo: Seriously?! But I feel bad. You always do everything for me and I just end up sitting around! (pouting)

Shravan: Well if that the problem, then it can be easily solved! (smirking)

Sumo: (confused) How?

Shravan: You want to please me right?!

Sumo: Yeah!

Shravan: Then kiss me! (grinning)

Sumo: (glaring) That's not what I meant!

Shravan: (smirking) But now that we're on this topic! I got to admit, it's not a bad idea at all!

Sumo: (leaning in) I agree.

Sumo closed her eyes and smashed her lips onto Shravan's, who was ready for the impact. Their lips moved against each other, perfectly as if they were made for each other. Sumo pulled out for air and rested her forehead against his.

Sumo: (panting) Happy?

Shravan: (grinning) Very!!

Sumo: (standing up) Ok, now that we're done, I'll see you later!

Shravan: What?! What do you mean "see you later"? Where are you going?!

Sumo: (smiling) Me and Preeti are going to the Tiwari Killa.

Shravan: Oh ok. I'll drop you two!

Sumo: No it's ok! The driver will drop us off!

Shravan: Are you sure you'll be ok?

Sumo: (laughing) Shravan!! I'm going to my own house! It's not like I'm going to Australia! Although, that wouldn't be a bad idea! (winking)

Shravan: (laughing) Australia?! I'm taking you somewhere better Jaan. Anyways, you carry on!

Sumo: (grabbing her bag) Ok bye!

Shravan: (grabbing her hand) I'm not letting you go without a hug!

Shravan wrapped his arms around Sumo's waist, pulling her into a big bear hug and rubbing her back.

Shravan: (whispering) Stay safe Jaan.

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